Thursday, October 5, 2017

Our love is with each of the victims, first responders, police and the entire city of Las Vegas. We join the world in sharing our love and support.
“Love is just a word, but you bring it definition.” -Eminem 
“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but the seed you plant.” -Robert Louis Stevenson
“It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.” -Ethel Percy Andrus
       Statement #10 “All love given returns” was the theme for our Conference in June and WFS continues tosee, feel as well as need, your support and love. Continuing with this theme, it is a thrill to announce our first ever eBay Fundraiser! This exciting new fundraising event starts on October 6 and runs through the 15th.
       You can put Statement #10 into action and participate by inviting your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers; everyone can get involved! If you have an eBay account and have items to list and sell, follow the provided link below. If you do not have an account, please consider creating one so that you can directly participate in this wonderful new fundraiser with WFS!
       WFS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and our mission is simple, to help all women find their individual path to recovery. We recognize each woman’s necessity for self-discovery and our vision is to encourage each woman in developing personal growth and continued abstinence through our New Life Program. Please join us in this marvelous new adventure! Hugzzz, Karen
Hi 4C Women,
       I am so glad that Karen has reminded us of the eBay Auction in support of WFS. There are so many ways to give and receive love. The eBay auction is one way to show love for an organization that has changed lives in such a powerful way.
       I have learned a lot about love in WFS. I mentioned in previous messages that I always thought love referred to romantic love. WFS taught me that love occurs in various ways; from learning the importance of self-love, to forming loving and supportive relationships and the unconditional love given to us by our adorable pets.
       I have experienced loving friendships from the wonderful women I have met in WFS. There have been times over the years, and especially this past year, that I have been struggling emotionally. It is the loving support that I have received from my WFS sisters that has helped keep me strong and focused. This support is part of the reason I encourage everyone to find some way to give back to WFS whether it is continuing to attend meetings, financial supportvolunteering on a committee or becoming a moderator/co-moderator/chat leader. Part of my giving back has been moderating a WFS group for 27 years. I want to be there for every single woman that has the courage to walk through the door to attend a face to face meeting for the first time. While I may not be a chat leader on the Forum, there are many dedicated women who volunteer their time to lead meetings and help is available 24/7 for those in need.
       Being a moderator for me is to be a role model yet the bond is that all of us are women in/or seeking a healthy recovery. This is the most loving part of the friendships I have made in WFS. The group supports me when I need encouragement. I receive emails from the Monday messages, thanking Karen and myself for sharing our personal feelings and history. This is all part of all love given returns. I am blessed beyond measure for the love I have received.
       Something to think about when it comes to love and relationships. Heard this on a TV show last night. “Relationships are the cornerstone of life. They are the place that we go to, to find comfort, connection, companionship. Relationships are also the places that we go to act out whatever it is we learned in life about ourselves, about love, about life.” 
  • When considering how all love given returns, how are you experiencing and receiving love?
  • Is there comfort, connection, companionship or are you acting out in a way that blocks giving and receiving love?
  • What actions can you take to break down any walls that you feel are creating distance from both giving and receiving love?
  • How does your way of giving and receiving love impact and protect your sobriety?
  • Is your fear of being vulnerable keeping relationships from being formed?
  • How can you build trust in giving and receiving love?

Lots to think about.-WFS Member
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