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No Longer Slaves (Official Lyric Video) - Jonathan David & Melissa Helse...

Connect your brand, service, facility, sober home, or practice, to the longest Recovery event in America - 7 Days!
Laemmle Royal Theatre
11523 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, CA 90025
OFFICIAL/HOST Sponsor — $5,000 (only 2 left)
10th Annual REEL Recovery Film Festival – Los Angeles Edition
Presented by: Writers In Treatment and Your Name Here
You Also Receive:
• Company Banner inside theater
• LOGO on Red Carpet Lobby banner
• LOGO link on email blasts and website
• LOGO projected 10 times between screenings
• Full page ad in festival program
• FREE BANNER AD on Addiction/Recovery eBulletin
• One brochure or one gift item in 500 gift bags

GOLD Sponsor (only 4 positions) — $3,000
• LOGO on Red Carpet Lobby banner
• LOGO link on email blasts and website
• LOGO projected 20 times between screenings
• Full page ad in festival program
• One brochure or one gift item in 500 gift bags

SILVER Sponsor — $1,000
• LOGO projected 10 times between screenings
• Hyperlinked LOGO on REEL Recovery Film Festival website
• Large LOGO in festival program
Marketing & Branding
 Weekly emails to 22,000 addiction and recovery professionals
• 15,000 social media contacts
• Numerous press releases and radio shows
• Direct mailings to thousands of recipients in Los Angeles area
• REEL Recovery literature at most national industry conferences

About the Festival
The Annual Los Angeles REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium® serves an audience of over 2,500 treatment professionals, MFT’s, social workers, people in recovery, members of the entertainment industry, media representatives, educated moviegoers, and the general public. It is a week-long event showcasing first-time filmmakers and experienced professionals who make honest films about addiction, treatment, recovery and sobriety.
Operator standing by...
(818) 762-0461
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Official & Gold sponsors get 10 Free $100 tickets to:
REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium | PO Box 1745Studio City, CA 91614
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"B efore starting Objectives, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how they worked. All I was told is this part of the program was to clear your mind. Since I was a very private and withheld communication even as realizations came to me, I informed the staff I wasn’t comfortable to share. I had many trust issues and didn’t feel safe sharing things extremely personal with someone I looked at as a stranger. Yet, I was only hindering myself by doing this. Keeping things in was causing so much pain.
“After talking with the staff, I decided to listen and not hold back on any of my objectives. I opened up completely with my Objectives partner

and really took in what I was gaining from each Objective I completed.
“I learned a lot about pin pointing my emotions and handling them in a healthy way as they come to you instead of suppressing them. I have gained so much confidence and control in my life. I feel calmer, clearer, and now capable of addressing all situations pertaining to my past, present, and future.
“I feel Objectives has given me the strength I lacked, the clarity I missed, and the confidence I need to address my life effectively. From this point forward, and for once I have a new-found hope and excitement on what is to come.”—Narconon Student
Narconon New Life Retreat offers beautiful and comfortable facilities matched with a highly successful non 12 step program which results in higher success rate

Finding The Music

The journey back from drug addiction is different for each of us.  No matter where we come from or how our addiction affected us we can all learn from each other.

Stepping Stones to Recovery

 Life before Narconon was pretty much a big game to me, just not a survival one.  Life got to the point that I started to get amused by pain and I didn’t even care about anything anymore

Got My Life Back

How does someone wind up addicted to drugs? The truth is each person’s descent into drug addiction is different. This amazing story shows us a different perspective on how a person becomes addicted to drugs.

“Secrets Will Help Nobody”: My Daughter’s Story of Addiction
My 20-year-old daughter Casey died of an accidental heroin overdose on January 15, 2017. She told me that if something were ever to happen to her, she’d want me to write an honest obituary about her struggles with addiction. “Tell them my story,” she said. “Secrets will help nobody. I would want to help someone else, to make them feel less alone — even if it’s just one person.”

The struggle with Casey's addiction affected myself, my husband and my son so deeply. That January, she was really excited for a fresh start, heading to a new rehabilitation center. Unfortunately, she overdosed the night before, next to her packed suitcase. I wrote her honest obituary, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it went viral and ended up affecting hundreds of people all over the world.

Casey will always be special to me, but was she any more special than the other tens of thousands of people who died last year of an overdose? There are tragic stories everywhere, and I thought, “How can I inspire them? How can I give them hope? And I realized they inspired me.”

I sat down to tell Casey’s story and talk about what she and so many others go through, and how where there’s breath, there’s hope:
Video screenshot
Watch Video

Parent Toll-Free Helpline1-855-DRUGFREE

© Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
352 Park Ave South | 9th Floor | New York, NY 10010

Dopesick: An Interview with Beth Macy | The Fix

Dopesick: An Interview with Beth Macy | The Fix: It takes the average user eight years and five to six treatment attempts just to achieve one year of sobriety. And in an era of fentanyl and other even stronger synthetic opioids, many users don’t have eight years.

Pawn Stars: The Opioid Edition | The Fix

Pawn Stars: The Opioid Edition | The Fix: If you are at risk for overdose or use needles to shoot up drugs, come see Brandi and she’ll take care of you - no frills, no questions, no judgment.

A Month of Heart Attacks: Withdrawing from Antidepressants | The Fix

A Month of Heart Attacks: Withdrawing from Antidepressants | The Fix: My doctor tells me not to worry. The medication is safe. I worry he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I worry this was a big mistake I made at 18 and am paying for the rest of my life.

Real Housewives of Recovery: Reality TV and Addiction | The Fix

Real Housewives of Recovery: Reality TV and Addiction | The Fix: It is no secret that alcohol is readily available on set while filming these shows to grease the wheels of conflict, and not everyone who drinks alcohol misuses it.

Suboxone: A Tool for Recovery | The Fix

Suboxone: A Tool for Recovery | The Fix: With medication-assisted treatment (MAT), people with opioid addictions are given the chance to rebuild their lives—often from the ashes and debris of drug-induced destruction—without having to fight cravings and withdrawal.
Recovery Month Features
This September, America celebrates the 29th annual National Recovery Month! Celebrate with us at the following events: Recovery Walks! 2018; Recovery Day at the Baseball Game; Recovery Walks! Pep Rally
PRO-ACT Recovery Walks! 2018
Great Plaza, Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia PA
Registration 7:00 a.m. │ Pre-Walk Program 8:15 a.m.
Walk 9:00 a.m., followed by entertainment
Avoid the crowds and the lines on the day of the Walk by Registering in advance!
If you are unable to attend, consider making a donation to a Walker, a Team, or to the Event itself!

  • Put a positive face on recovery,
  • End the stigma surrounding recovery,
  • Provide an unwavering voice that says Recovery Works!
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of recovery,
  • Be an advocate for the recovery community with elected officials,
  • Stand against discriminatory public policies,
  • Support quality treatment,
  • Provide support to families in recovery,
  • Honor those who haven’t survived this chronic disorder.
"It is great to be a part of something that shows recovery is possible, to see the many faces in recovery and how it's affected us in a positive way, to actually see all the different organizations trying to help make a change in recovery" - E.J. on Facebook
Tell us on Facebook and Twitter: Why do you walk?
National Recovery Day at the Baseball Game!
Sunday, September 16, 2018, 1:35 p.m.
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins
Citizen’s Bank Park
North Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Enjoy a fun filled day of baseball. Come see the Phillies take on the Miami Marlins at home duringRecovery Day at the Baseball Game! For the 13th year, PRO-ACT will attend this annual event developed to gain visibility for recovery in celebration of SAMHSA’s National Recovery Month.
Attendees are requested not to purchase or consume alcohol

Tickets are $20.00 each.
Fee includes a donation towards recovery support services.

For more information, speak with Nancy Adam at 215-345-6644 x 2160 or

Want to know how YOU can throw out the first pitch next year?
Be a Team Captain for Recovery Walks! 2018 on September 22.
The Team Captain raising the most monetary donations is awarded the opportunity to
throw the first pitch at the annual National Recovery Day Phillies Game
Find out more at

PRO-ACT and the City of Philadelphia's DBHIDS will be hosting a Pep Rally in anticipation of the Largest Walk in America!

Wednesday Sept. 19th; 12 - 2 p.m. at Love Park

The entertainment will be as follows:
Recovery Idol 2017 Winner, Joseph Boatright,
Voices of Recovery Gospel Choir featuring
Pastor Harman and Bernadette Brooks,
Mark Dixon, and Ronald Davis

We will be hearing from Nicole Canale of Team Toni, on the Family in Recovery,
along with other speakers who tell us
PRO-ACT is hosted by The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.
4459 Swamp Road, Doylestown, PA 18902 │ 215-345-6644
Recovery Support Line: 800-221-6333
See what's happening on our social sites:
The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. | 4459 W Swamp RoadDoylestown , PA 18902
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