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“My Son Did Not Die in Vain”: Saving Lives Through 911 Good Samaritan Laws
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At this writing, it is coming up on six years when I said to my son as we hugged, “Love you, bud!” He replied, “Love you, too, Dad.” And he was out the door. Our last words. It seems like an eternity. It seems like yesterday.

As a person in long-term recovery, I thought I understood the disease of addiction. I truly felt I knew about it. What I found out was that opiate and heroin addiction was a far different animal, a stronger addiction than I could understand. I didn’t know about the difficulties in finding treatment options, as I myself had never had to seek out inpatient or outpatient treatment in the same way, or fight with insurance companies just to get help. One of life’s ironies is that my sons were my motivation for my recovery. I wanted to see them grow up. They saved my life. But even knowing what I knew, I was unable to save Greg’s life.

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After Greg’s death, other advocates and myself created a blueprint guide in the hopes of guiding a parent, advocate or another “layperson” who is passionate about seeing Good Samaritan legislation enacted in their state. Good Samaritan laws are laws that allow individuals to call 911 in the event of a suspected medical emergency or overdose situation without fear of consequences for any laws they may have violated.

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