Friday, August 10, 2018

PRO-ACT Recovery Walks! 2018
Great Plaza, Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia PA
Registration 7:00am │ Pre-Walk Program 8:15am
Walk 9:00am, followed by entertainment
WE HEARD YOU – For the health and recovery of our community and our families, Recovery Walks! 2018 will be a tobacco-free event.
Did you know?

Non-tobacco users maintain longer periods of sobriety after inpatient treatment for alcohol/drug dependence than tobacco users.

Among males with heroin addiction, tobacco use was responsible for more deaths than accidental drug poisoning, overdose, suicide, homicide, accidents and chronic liver disease examined over a 33-year period.

Cigarette smokers relapsed to their primary drug of choice more frequently and sooner than did nonsmokers.

Tobacco use reinforces the effects of alcohol and cocaine.

Tobacco treatment can enhance long-term recovery for persons with other substance use disorders.

Tobacco use kills three times as many people as drug overdoses and eight times as many
people as gun homicides in Philadelphia.

At Recovery Walks! 2018, talk to our volunteers in the green t-shirts for information on how to quit smoking.

PRO-ACT is hosted by The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.
Recovery Support Line: 800-221-6333
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The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. | 4459 W Swamp RoadDoylestown , PA 18902
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