Friday, August 24, 2018

N ews, social media and word of mouth have brought to light the recent overdose of Demi Lovato. In case some of you don’t know who that is, Demi is a multi-platinum singer, songwriter and actress. She has starred in Disney movies and has become an idol to many through her music. But if you know Demi, you know she has struggled with addiction on and off over the years. It started during her younger years and has persisted through to her most recent relapse.
Through this, I have heard much conversation revolving around the pop star. The comment that peaked my interest was when someone said “It’s so odd that would happen to her. She is beautiful, wealthy and has so many people who follow her success.” I thought about this for a minute and realized even to this day, so many people have the idea drug addicts are the stereotypical type that we are taught when we are young. Individuals who are clearly using drugs can be poor, homeless, dirty, have sores and pick marks on their face and body. 
These are the people our parents told us to stay away from. But addiction does not discriminate.

 Rich, poor, beautiful, men, women, popstar, successful or not, addiction can consume anyone.
See, the thing with drug addiction is that individuals use in order to solve problems they are not willing or capable of handling. Life gets too tough and using is a quick, temporary fix to those problems. And there is not one person in this world who does not encounter some type of problem or struggle in their life. In fact, many of the addicts I have come across, including myself, are from good homes and were successful, intelligent individuals who have strayed from what they were taught and their morals.
What matters is that people don’t give up, and to get help when they need it. With addiction, a person’s life is on the line. We’re all human, regardless of status or celebrity. Looking down on someone because they fall from grace doesn’t help them. And mocking someone who appears to “have so much” because they could “stoop so low” is unfair. We have no idea of the internal struggles of another.
Let’s show some understanding and support for anyone who struggles with such personal issues. If you know someone who needs help, contact us.
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