Friday, July 24, 2020

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Mariners Inn: The Art of Transformation

July 24th: The Art of Transformation
Join us at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 24, on Facebook Live via
You'll hear from Mariners Inn artists about finding expression through art therapy during their journey of recovery, have an opportunity to purchase original artwork, and learn more about the art therapy program from our art therapist, Karianne!

NOTE: If you keep drawing utensils or watercolor paint and paper nearby, you'll have an opportunity to create art with the clients!

The Art of Transformation is supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs Minigrant Program, administered by CultureSource.

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Mariners Inn | 445 Ledyard Street, Detroit, MI 48201
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10 of 12 In the News: Many Doctors Still Prescribe Large Quantities of Opioids

Partnership to End Addiction



Top Drug & Alcohol News of the Week


Many Doctors Still Prescribe Large Quantities of Opioids

Many Doctors Still Prescribe Large Quantities of Opioids

Doctors and dentists are still prescribing large quantities of opioids, despite government guidelines urging doctors to avoid prescribing the drugs or to minimize their use whenever possible, according to an investigation by NPR. Read More



FDA Prohibits Sale of Disposable Fruit-Flavored E-Cigarettes

FDA Prohibits Sale of Disposable Fruit-Flavored E-Cigarettes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has told the makers of Puff Bars and other flavored disposable e-cigarettes and e-liquid products that appeal to youth to remove their products from the market. Read More


Ban of Flavored Cigarettes Resulted in Large Drop in Teen Smoking

Ban of Flavored Cigarettes Resulted in Large Drop in Teen Smoking

The 2009 ban on flavored cigarettes (other than menthol) in the United States led to a large decrease in smoking among teens and young adults, according to a new study. Read More





During this time of uncertainty, we're still here to support families.



Study: 29% of Massachusetts Nursing Homes Rejected Patients with History of Drug Use

A new study finds 29% of Massachusetts nursing homes refused to take patients with a history of drug use who needed post-hospital care in 2018. Read More



Illinois City Plans to Pay for Reparations Through Taxes on Marijuana Sales

Evanston, Illinois plans to pay for reparations to its African American residents through tax revenue from newly legalized marijuana sales, ABC News reports. Read More



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Other Headlines of Interest

COVID-19: Online and Remote Resources for Addiction Support (Partnership to End Addiction)

Opinion: COVID-19 has led to surge in opioid overdoses. Here's how we can confront the stigma. (USA Today)

Kennedy Unveils Universal Mental Health Care: Continues his leadership on mental health care & substance use disorder treatment (Congressman Joe Kennedy III)

Opinion: 'Meet them where they are': Safe-injection sites should be allowed to protect drug users (USA Today)

Cannabis farmers in a poor California town want to go legit, but the raids keep coming (Los Angeles Times)

They're executives and moms who are also recovering alcoholics. How they're getting through the pandemic (CNN)

Opinion: The Sacklers Could Get Away With It (The New York Times)

Opinion: The cycle of prison and addiction proves the war on drugs is a tragic, costly mistake (The Kansas City Star)

To Stop Deadly Overdoses, 'The Opioid Fix' Urges Better Use Of Tools We Already Have (NPR)

Opinion: During COVID-19, the fight against addiction continues at home (Fox News)



Dr. Amanda Palmer: Taking An Integrative Approach to Addiction Treatment

Meet Dr. Amanda Palmer

Dr. Palmer is the Director of Medical Services here at The River Source, where she spearheads an approach to treatment that's unique in the industry. We use a proven, evidence-based treatment model to create success for our clients, but we also integrate naturopathic therapies in our care. 
The Importance of an Integrative Approach 

At The River Source, we take a holistic approach to rehab, because addiction affects different people in different ways. What works for one client isn't guaranteed to work for another, and a varied approach increases not only a client's comfort, but also, the chances that they'll find treatment that works for them.

Click here to read more about what Dr. Palmer says about our philosophy of "meeting clients where they're at" when it comes to providing treatment for addiction that's individualized to a client's needs.

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Did You Know? 

The River Source is in network with Arizona's largest health insurance policies, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Medical Mutual, United Healthcare and more! Click here to read more about the insurance we accept

The River Source Makes It Easier to Access Critical Care

The River Source is proud to make a commitment to our community, and that means taking steps to help everyone access the care they need, even during times when financial hardship is common. That's what motivated us to change our policies and allow clients to defer out-of-pocket expenses for up to 120 days.

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