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Please see the attached PRO-ACT calendars and flyers for March.

Highlights for March:
First Fridays Series: Topic – “Successful Forensics Recovery-entry: Against All Odds”
Moderator:  Lionel Wiley, Forensics Advocate
RSVP today (registration is appreciated but not required) 6-2015. Bring your lunch

We are starting our three part Family Education Program at the Philadelphia Recovery Community Center in March on Saturdays.  The program’s purpose was driven by family members who had a child die from addiction and who wanted to help other family members so they would not have to go through the ordeal of losing a child to the disease. 

On March 7 we will be starting the program with a two hour training on Naloxone and  how to recognize, prevent and respond to an opioid overdose.  The trainer is David Fialko and he is fabulous!

A flyer is attached and a picture of it is below:
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Sean E. Brinda, MSW, CCDP Diplomate
Senior Peer Services Coordinator & Recovery Walk Manager
444 N 3rd Street, Suite 307
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Register for Recovery Walks! 2011 at

1 (800) 221-6333 Twenty-four Hour Information Line

PRO-ACT… Ambassadors for Recovery!

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Hi Everyone,

Please join us in celebration of the Lord’s goodness and transforming power at our 2015 Spring Luncheon celebration. Our time of fellowship will include a sit-down meal (prime rib & crab cake combo), praise and worship, testimonials, etc. Our guest speaker is Jim Freed – Director of Keswick’s Men's Colony of Mercy, Whiting, NJ. And best of all, our blessed Redeemer JESUS, will be in the house as always!!!   (details attached)

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Gavin, Executive Director

“When Jesus saw a man with an infirmity of thirty-eight years lying by the pool of Bethesda, He said to him, do you want to be made well?
The sick man answered Him,"Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool.”      John 5: 5-7

Can’t make it?

Please consider a (tax deductable) donation to the AV ministry. It will also help to sponsor those folks that we are embracing with the hope of the Gospel who want to attend the luncheon and need financial help.

Addictions Victorious
PO Box 534
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
February 21–27
COMING UP IN THE FIX// Baltimore, Heroin Capital of the US * Drug Treatment Moguls * Addiction Triggers * Pro Voices: Going Deeper in Addiction Treatment *Interview with Kevin Sessums * Confessions of a People Pleaser * Directing Butterflies * My Rehab Experiences * PLUS: Other incisive articles

CANNABUSINESS// The New Canadian Cannabis Oligarchy
Under new Canadian regulations, Health Canada will be minding your "cannabusiness" rather than personal growers. This oligarchy not only hurts growers, but consumers as well.
By Neville Elder

ONLINE// Are Big Alcohol's Ad Men Targeting Recovering Alcoholics?
After years of posting about getting sober, I began wondering if the beer ads I was seeing online were part of a deliberate campaign to get me to pick up the bottle again.
By Jeff Deeney

PROFESSIONAL VOICES// What if We Really Treated Addiction Like the Disease It Is?
A physician explains how "precision medicine" can lead to comprehensive recovery.
By Howard C. Wetsman MD

HISTORY// Saving Mabel Normand
She was lustrous and brash, especially on gin-soaked days, lifting her skirt or offering offbeat quotes in jest. And for nearly 100 years her pioneering spirit has been diminished by tales of her alleged cocaine addiction and sordid behaviors.
By Kathleen Phalen Tomaselli

CHARITY// 14 Great Addiction-Based Nonprofits And Charities
You have to give it away to keep it and there's never a bad time to consider giving to any of the worthy regional and national organizations listed below.
By MccCarton Ackerman
Federal Government to Require Drug Courts to Allow Opioid Maintenance Programs
House Republicans Warn D.C. Mayor She Could Go to Jail for Legalizing Pot
Heroin Addict Robs Girl Scouts to Get His Fix
Senator Cory Booker Explains How Drug Law Makes America Less Safe
Pot Activists Enlist Republican Grandma In Legalization Fight
Highly Processed Foods to Blame for Food Addiction
Real Treatment
This week, Howard C. Wetsman MD proposed health care experts actually treat addiction as a disease. Readers debated whether legalizing all drugs would be a better solution:
While I agree with the premise and it makes sense on so many levels, I can't see selling heroin over the counter as not leading to a whole new group of folks who will become addicted to something that they may have never otherwise messed with if it weren't so easy to get and inexpensive as a result of its mass merchandising.


 Hello everyone
Romans Road Ministries are on tour (Save a Life Tour 2015 See below)
There are support link as you feel lead; However; the best support is Prayer.
Please pray for these community outreaches; For the Spirit of God to save the souls of men.
Romans Road, Headstone 118, and Right to Become will be on this tour together joined by several other bands and special guests. Our Mission:

To use our individual gifts and talents to bless and reach the inner cities through worship, testimony's and song. Our goals are to lead people to Jesus Christ and provide them with the necessary connections to get involved in group discipleship meetings with Christ oriented churches in the specific location, and be a needed spiritual voice in the communities. The tour will stop in four different cities this spring and summer. 

May 16: Kensington/Philadelphia, PA
May 30: Camden, NJ
July 11: Trenton, NJ
July 25: The Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York 

We will provide food and beverages to the community at each stop, purchase bibles to be distributed to all who will benefit from reading the Word of God. We will be joined by Rock Ministries, Disciples For Christ, Motorcyclist For Jesus, Equipt ministries, Faces Of Change, Promise of Grace and The Lower East Side Fellowship church. 

Updates on this tour will be posted

Thank you and God Bless,
John Simons and Jason Simons – Romans Road Ministry
Brian and Kathy Tucker – Positively Uplifting Music Productions

More info can be found at

Support and donations can be made at

Joe Johnson
Ministry Leader
Disciples for Christ M/M
"God's work, done God's way, will never lack God's supply." Hudson Taylor
In an effort to reach out to mothers of addicted children so they know The Addict's Mom is  here and they are not alone we desperately need help with the following social media skills:
Google Plus

If you can help a little or a lot please email