Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
January 31–February 6
COMING UP IN THE FIX// Buddhism and Bill W. * What I Learned from My Relapse(s) * Saving Mabel Normand * Recovering from Recovery * Getting High on our Own Supply * Making Amends to the Dead * Ask an Expert * Work It * Pro Voices* PLUS: Other incisive articles
STOP STOPPING// Legalizing Drugs Challenges the Addiction Brain Disease Theory
What if more—and more open—use leads to fewer drug problems?
By Stanton Peele
HEAD ON// A Critic and an Advocate Debate the Pros and Cons of the 12-Step Model
Dr. Lance Dodes and Dr. Joseph Nowinski on their models for successful treatment, the recent death of Audrey Kishline, the extremes of Fix commenters and where they can agree.
By Zachary Siegel
Q&A// Meeting the Intoxication Coach Doc Wilmot
The Fix Q&A with harm reduction maverick Doc Wilmot, the founder of DrugCraft, "an innovative harm reduction approach to drug/alcohol use, misuse, abuse, and addiction" that he describes as intoxication coaching.
By John Lavitt
CHANGES// The 'Third Wave' of Substance Use Treatment
How the culture and treatment of addiction are finally changing.
By Debra Rothschild
SEEN ON TV// Top 5 Drug/Alcohol References in Super Bowl XLIX Commercials
Jessie Pinkman is once again trying to get you hooked... on carbs.
By Ronald Kublin
Uber’s Claim They Reduced Drunk Driving May Have Been False
Are Selfies Driving a Rise in Eating Disorders?
Is It a Crime If Your Robot Buys Illegal Drugs Online?
Military, Civilian Prosecutors Start to Define Alcohol as 'Weapon' in Sexual Assault
Silk Road Founder Found Guilty on All Charges
Chinese Teen Cuts Off Hand to 'Cure' Internet Addiction
Just A Little
This week, Stanton Peele postulated how legalizing drugs could lead to safer use. Readers agreed that our current system just isn't working:
Thanks you, Stanton.... America obviously has a deeply conflicted relationship with drugs and alcohol, and it'll be interesting to see how we navigate this new era. This is a time for parents to model responsible alcohol use to their children, and hope that this degree of familial moderation will somehow translate into healthier habits as kids are presented with god-knows-what the intoxication industry will conjure up next. "Just Say No" has been a failure - let's work on "Just a Little" while giving kids the straight facts on their health and what excessive use can lead to...


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