Saturday, February 14, 2015

You may know me because I have written a book called Recovery 2.0 and I host a show on everyTuesday at 7pm.

You are an In The Rooms member and I am writing you today in the hopes of getting you to exercise some of your power.

Tomorrow the 4th Recovery 2.0 #MoveBeyond Addiction Online Conference begins.

I would like you to sign up for it.

It is completely F.REE.

I produce this online conference to get great information and inspiration to anyone whose life has been touched by the dis-ease of addiction. I literally produced this event with you in mind. Literally.

There are 330,000 of us in this community. Can you imagine if all of us signed up for this conference?

What would that mean? The next day, I would be releasing a national press release speaking about the power of unity in the recovery community.

You see, to many of the policymakers in this country, you have been a criminal and should be punished. Don’t believe me? The emphasis in our country when it comes to addiction is on punishment and imprisonment. We have the largest prison population of the world, the great number of these people are non-violent drug offenders.

When our society fully embraces treatment as THE option for non-violent drug offenders, we will be in a much better place and can actually call ourselves a more merciful, compassionate society.

So, on the one hand, I’m asking you to join our online conference and watch videos over the course of the next week that are filled with great information that I believe you are going to love and be moved by.

On the other hand, I’m asking you to step up as a member of a community of people who, once united, will be able to help shift policy in this country so that addicts everywhere have a chance to recover and live an extraordinary life.

It only takes a minute and please share on your Facebook page and in twitter feeds that you have joined the #MoveBeyond movement by signing up for the Recovery 2.0 Conference.

Sending My Love and Gratitude,

Tommy Rosen

Please feel f.ree to forward this link to any friends who may be interested:

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