Thursday, February 5, 2015


Please join me in welcoming the a.mazing Nicole Montalbano as our guest expert for “In The Rooms,” on Thursday, Feb 5, at 7 PM ET. Nicole is the brilliant and beautiful daughter of our founder, Barbara Theodosiou. Nicole is currently a senior at Florida State University. She has recently been admitted into the Physician Assistant Program at Barry University in South Florida.

Nicole will be presenting for us her point of view as the sibling of Daniel, who suffers fro...m the disease of addiction. Most of us remember the path that led Barbara to create “The Addict’s Mom,” but allow me to remind you. When Barbara learned that two of her sons were addicted to drugs, she was devastated, as all of us are. She felt desperate and alone, convinced that no one could ever understand her heartbreak and pain as a mother of a child (children) who is battling addiction. So, certain that there were others who felt as she did, Barbara founded our wonderful TAM as a safe forum to “Share Without Shame” the tragedies, small victories, and grief as mothers’ of children with drug addiction. Of course, under Barbara’s excellent guidance, TAM has grown to include initiatives in education, advocacy, the legal system, and most recently, scholarships for treatment. Nicole was very young, at age 12, when the tragedy of addiction entered her house.

Nicole has written a very poignant memoir of her experiences with her beloved brother. As a guest on “In The Rooms,” Nicole will share her memoir, and her special insight as Daniel’s sister. We will invite her to suggest coping strategies for families, especially the siblings, when addiction becomes part of their daily lives. We will ask her to share with us what she would have done differently, and what is her most difficult obstacle to overcome. She can discuss the stigma, the pain of watching Daniel’s downward spiral, and her own healing process. I would also like to ask Nicole how Daniel’s tragic journey has affected her own life choices in relationships and career goals. Then you, the viewers, will have the o.pportunity to ask questions of Nicole.

Nicole Montalbano is a very brave young lady. With the example set by her mother, Barbara, it is no wonder that Nicole is able to “Share Without Shame” her journey, hand-in-hand with her family, on the devastating path that is addiction.

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