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February 3, 2015 Volume 2., No. 24

Breaking News! Will He Pass ... a UA?

Browns QB Johnny Manziel Stumbles... Into Rehab 

Johnny Manziel entered treatment, adviser Brad Beckworth told on Monday. Manziel is expected to be in rehab at least a few weeks, but the amount of time depends largely on what doctors recommend. The quarterback is voluntarily entering treatment as a direct result of his lifestyle away from the field, and he informed people in his circle last week that he wants to "figure out his value system."

It's a Thin Thin Line 
I'm Not Addicted - I'm Dependent 
by Brittany Patterson 

Prescription drug addiction can be characterized by behaviors like:

- Getting high on prescription drugs like OxyContin or Lortab takes 
priority over eating
- If you go too long between getting high you can't sleep or think of anything except how to get the next pill...

Future Mutes Coming To Rehab?

Smartphone Addiction Time-bomb 
'ready to explode' 

A third of internet users now access online content on mobile phones - up from just 10% two years ago - and internet users are expected to surpass PC users by next year. Counsellors now fear internet addiction, fueled by 24/7 access via mobile phones, will be the next wave of compulsive disorders that they will be treating. They are already hearing concerns expressed by parents of young adults and children about excessive use of smartphones to the point where they are no longer speaking or communicating without using technology.

Do The Math - That's What Counts VIDEO 
Addiction Treatment Goes Public: AAC's Recovery-Center Empire VIDEO 

American Addiction Centers is run by Michael Cartwright, a former drug addict and alcoholic who says he's been sober for 23 years. The company's IPO underwriters estimate there are 8,100 substance-abuse treatment enterprises across America, operating 16,700 clinics and centers. These include famous nonprofits such as the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, as well as Narconon International, an addiction treatment organization with ties to Scientology. At the high end, Malibu centers like Promises and Cliffside charge the Lindsay Lohans of the world as much as $112,000 per month for spa-like accommodations and services.

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There's Always Something

Facebook Activates Same Brain Areas As Drugs; How Social Media Sites Hook You 

As for their actual brain, the brain scans showed that high-scoring participants experienced greater activation of their amygdala and striatum, the two brain regions involved in impulsive behavior. These patterns are on par with those who are addicted to cocaine.

Massachusetts Hope 
Senator Says His Top Priority 
Is Curbing Opiate Addiction 

Viriato M. deMacedo's top priority was to spur the local economy, but, as he said, things change and the number one priority in his new job is to bring an end to the region's heroin epidemic. "It's a tall order, but I'm committed to do anything I can," he said. CONTINUED @

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Truly Good Samaritans

Overdose Victims Saved by Workers 
From Nearby Offices 

Several people are being hailed as heroes after police said they pulled two men who had overdosed on heroin out of a burning car in a busy shopping plaza on Thursday afternoon. -"I didn't think about it," said Michalides, 33, of Manchester. "I saw the car on fire, saw someone inside, and had to get them out." "At that point I started administering CPR to him, probably for about seven or eight minutes, with a woman from the Geico office helping, and revived him until Manchester fire could get here with oxygen."

Good Question VIDEO 
Liver Transplant Ethics: 
Should Alcoholics Be Sober First? VIDEO 

I believe that if doctors have a patient whose life they can save and they have a donor who's willing to give, that they have an obligation [to save their life]," she said in an interview on CBC Radio's As It Happens. In an interview on CBC Radio's Metro Morning on Wednesday, Levy said last year more than 100 people died while waiting for a transplant.

Twelve Promises: Rewards of Recovery

Brandi's Wish 


Couple Kills Alcoholic Son, Hacks Body 

An elderly couple, fed up with their 27-year-old alcoholic son, bludgeoned him to death and chopped the body using a stone-cutter. They even dumped the parts in a forest near their home and had their house painted to remove any trace of the crime. Nand Kishore and Asha Devi, who are both in their 60s, have been arrested. 

Investigative Audio Report AUDIO 
'Scars Of Teen Drug Treatment' AUDIO 

While Barker received state and federal funding, as well as judicial praise, teenagers suffered horrific abuses that a Senate report compared to North Korean brainwashing. Barker eventually fell out of favor, and the Seed closed - only to be reborn as Straight Inc. With many of the same staffers and even harsher sessions, it expanded to multiple states. Of course it had the backing of Nancy Reagan.CONTINUED @

His House & Her Creation Treatment

Bridges To Recovery 

Now Eat This

FDA Approves Drug For Binge-Eating 

Standard treatment for binge eating and other eating disorders usually involves counseling and psychotherapy. Some doctors also prescribe antidepressants to try and curb eating disorders, though they are not approved for that use. The Food and Drug Administration approved Vyvanse in 2007 as a once-a-day pill for ADHD. Friday the agency cleared the drug for adults who compulsively overeat. Serious adverse events associated with Vyvanse can include psychiatric problems like hallucinations and mania as well as heart complications.

English Debates VIDEO 
Cutting Edge Debates And Talks From The World's Leading Thinkers VIDEO 

Docs in the Dock
Despite the recent bad press, most of us still think doctor knows best. Yet with medical intervention now the third biggest killer after heart disease and cancer, is it time to call a halt to our trust? Should we end the monopoly on prescription? Would this give us ownership over our own health, or risk lives and return us to Victorian quackery? Theme One Can we trust doctors? Theme Two Ending the drugs monopoly. The Pitch Pharmaceutical companies target doctors. 

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Detox With Dignity Now 

Walking The Walk ... For Over 20 Years

How One Man Helped 10,000 People With Serious Drug Problems Recovery 

Howard Josepher and Exponents, the organization he founded 20 years ago have some answers. Howard and Exponents have helped more than 10,000 people with serious drug problems. Mr. Josepher knows about substance abuse on a personal level. He struggled with heroin addiction and spent some time behind bars. Over the last two decades, Howard built a dynamic organization made up of staff who have also struggled with addiction, incarceration and HIV. 

Eyes On The Prize 
Former Top 100 Recruit Noah Cottrill Kicked Addiction, Thriving in NAIA 

That was rock bottom," Cottrill said. "I was arrested in a vehicle with people I should not have been with. I take full responsibility for that, but that was my rock bottom. I said 'no more' and I called my brother and my family and I told them what was going on." Cottrill left the state and entered the Brighton Center for Recovery in Michigan. He spent 30 days there. He had no computer, no cell phone, no basketball. "I had to work on myself off the court before I could even think about lacing up the shoes again."

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This Would Be A Cool

California May Increase Smoking Age To 21 

Tobacco companies know that people are more likely to become addicted to smoking if they start at a young age. We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines while Big Tobacco markets to our kids and gets another generation of young people hooked on a product that will ultimately kill them. - Ed Hernandez California Senator and bill sponsor.

Harm Reduction 
What Facebook Addiction Looks Like 
in the Brain 

For many Facebook users, the urge to like a kitten video or snoop on a high-school flame is almost irresistible. As it turns out, this type of "Facebook addiction" may show up in the brain: A new study found that the brains of people who report compulsive urges to use the social networking site show some brain patterns similar to those found in drug addicts.

Fallen Hero Returns Triumphantly

Ex-Fresno State Hoops star Ex-Addict, 
Chris Herren, Returns to Fresno To Teach 

With each interview and every speech, Chris Herren reopens deep wounds. They are dark memories from which most would rather move on and forget. Alcohol and drug experimentation turned into addiction, near-death overdoses and arrests that overshadowed a promising basketball career that had shined brightest while he was at Fresno State Herren, a star at Fresno State from 1996-1999 under future Hall of Fame coach Jerry Tarkanian and who then played a couple of seasons in the NBA, knows some might already know of his story. 

Dartmouth's Semi-Serious 
New Rules on Alcohol 

"Hello. My name is Gene, and I'm an alcoholic." This is the way I have begun countless 12-step meetings. And today, I celebrate nine years of sobriety, without so much as a sip of communion wine. The decision to seek treatment for alcoholism nine years ago was one of the best, most rewarding decisions of my life. Indeed, it saved my life, pure and simple. Alcoholism is a progressive disease that only gets worse, never better.

Finally, The Implant Step VIDEO

Helping Addicts Stay Sober with Implant VIDEO 

The surgeon cut a flap in Mark's abdomen and implanted a dissolvable tablet of naltrexone that blocks the euphoric receptors in the brain that give an addict or alcoholic that high. The naltrexone implant lasts anywhere from six to 12 months depending on a patient's metabolism. Dan Markel is the CEO and founder of the company that makes the implant. He says while the FDA approved the use of naltrexone in pill form. Doctors have had trouble getting patients to comply. 3 months after Mark got the implant he's making progress. CONTINUED @

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