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Challenging The Lies              VIDEO
Everything We Know About the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong VIDEO    

Author Johann Hari "What causes heroin addiction?" I would have looked at you like you were a little bit simple-minded, and I would have said, "Well, heroin causes heroin addiction." We've been told a story for a hundred years that is so deep in our culture that we just take it for granted."
Strength in Numbers   
Sober in the City: Sobriety as a Form
of QPOC Empowerment

Although African American youth drink less than their counterparts in other racial and ethnic groups, they suffer more serious consequences from alcohol consumption, possibly because, as David Jernigan hypothesizes, "they tend to have less access to health care and substance abuse treatment, live in poorer areas and are incarcerated more frequently."
Raising The Bar
Betty Ford Clinic Expands With IOP
in Los Angeles    

Betty Ford finally has arrived in Los Angeles. The Betty Ford Center - the iconic addiction treatment facility that has hosted such industry notables as Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Nicks, Kelsey Grammer, Keith Urban and Lindsay Lohan since it opened in 1982 in Rancho Mirage, Calif. - is opening a new location at 10700 Santa Monica Blvd. Jim Steinhagen says that the merger with Hazelden represented a "large undertaking" but that the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is now in a good place. Susan Ford is back in the fold, and the opening of the West L.A. outpost is the "feather in our hat."
I Will Always Suspect You  oo oo  
Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend Probed
in 'overdose' Case

The daughter of late pop queen Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown was found in the tub on January 31 has been in a medically-induced coma since then. Georgia police have opened a criminal investigation into the events that led to Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina lying unconscious and facedown in a bathtub after apparently suffering an overdose, a report said Friday. The probe will focus on Bobbi's boyfriend Nick Gordon - with whom Bobbi has a history of domestic violence.
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What a Story
Dad Conquers Addiction, Wants Custody
of Children Abused by Pastor Fox    

Alan Fox, a former pastor iand former singer/songwriter for the Christian folk band Band of Brothers, has been a foster parent to many small children for 30 years with his wife, Cathy. According to James, his daughter who was abused by Fox twice came forward with sexual allegations, and authorities took no action the first time. The second time she reported abuse, however, Fox was arrested.
Scientific Advances   
Brain Region Behind Addictive
Overeating Found

Scientists have identified a brain region that leads to compulsive overeating and addiction to sugar, providing a novel target for safe and effective treatment for the disorders. Compulsive overeating and sugar addiction are major threats to human health, but potential treatments face the risk of impairing normal feeding behaviours that are crucial for survival, researchers said. The study shows a reward-related neural circuit that specifically controls compulsive sugar consumption in mice without preventing feeding necessary for survival.
One Pill At a Time                 VIDEO
How You Can Stop Prescription
Drug Abuse VIDEO    

Today, when we track down and arrest the bad guys to make our state safer, more often than not, it is for a drug-related offense. Sadly, many of the individuals using the drugs began using drugs from the home medicine cabinet. The FDA is also working on the development of new forms of opioids, which are among the most abused prescription medications. The abuse-deterrent formulation of opioids would contain chemical properties that would make it difficult to crush or dissolve, thus reducing the ability of abusers to inject or snort the medicine in an attempt to get high.
Mike, You Reading This?   
'Depressed alcoholic' Bit Bouncer's Ear After Friend Dropped Cocaine   

Ryan Rynka, 34, had been drinking heavily before he and a friend went to Players Coyotes, on Church Road, onDecember 13 last year. The pair were talking to the club's door staff before Rynka's friend removed his hand from his pocket and dropped a bag of white powder later found to be the Class A drug. As bouncer Stephen Ashdown tried to retrieve the bag from the ground, Rynka punched him and put his fingers in his jaw to pull his head closer before taking a bite of his ear.
Twelve Promises: Rewards of Recovery

Brandi's Wish     
Meds In...Abstinence Out   VIDEO
Feds Crack Down On Crack Courts That
Fail Addicts  VIDEO    

The federal government is cracking down on drug courts that refuse to let opioid addicts access medical treatments such as Suboxone, said Michael Botticelli, acting director of the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy, on Thursday. Drug courts that receive federal dollars will no longer be allowed to ban the kinds of medication-assisted treatments...
Philadelphia Story   
Parents Rescue Their Children From
The Drug World

She scans the young faces, the ones with the faraway eyes of self-disgust. One of them might be her son, Drew, a handsome 25-year-old. He was her first-born, once an athletic, artistic "social butterfly." She knows he is out here. "As long as he's breathing, there is hope." The number of people who died in Philadelphia of drug and/or alcohol intoxication has remained steady. They had on average more than seven drugs in their system. Heroin was the most common, detected in almost 55 percent of all overdose deaths. CONTINUED @ 
Bridges To Recovery

His House & New Creation Treatment   
Playing With Fire
Marijuana as a Depression Treatment? Study Suggests It Can Alleviate Chronic Stress, Mental Illness    

The marijuana and depression debate has been going on for years now, and this study may add to the discussion but it doesn't end it. It's complicated. Every individual is different, and the matter is made even more complex due to the wide variety of marijuana strains available, each one affecting individuals uniquely. Depression treatments must be tailored to fit each person; one depressed patient might benefit from cannabis, while another might find anxiety heightened from the drug.
It's Contagious   
BBC's Gay Anchorman Blames LGBT Drug Use on Lack of 'Discipline'   

The 52-year-old broadcaster compared gay drug use to a spreading disease: "Once gay people start taking drugs, they'll take more drugs because it's socially infectious and one person will take them, then another. I just think it's something gay people have to watch out for." Six months after the BBC promoted news "presenter" - British for anchor - Evan Davis to host of the U.K. television network's flagship current affairs program, Newsnight, he's talking about his sexuality and the dangers facing gays.
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Breaking The Stigma
Davina Fears Even One Glass of Wine Might Send Her Back Into Addiction:              'I can't just have one of anything!'    

Davina McCall has revealed that she still attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings and will not let herself drink even one glass of wine for fear she will be unable to stop. The presenter, who overcame a heroin addiction when she was in her twenties, still attends group support meetings in London at least once a month. Ms McCall - who is currently presenting the second series of Channel 4 show The Jump -  said: 'I do still go to meetings because I just think that NA is brilliant - a very, very clever system.'
Un-Blow Your Mind   
A Shocking Reversal of Cocaine's
Effect on Brain

We are starting to know a lot of detail about how cocaine alters the brain's pleasure circuitry. Finding ways to try to undo the drug's microscopic mayhem has been another matter. This week, researchers may have moved a small step closer, using a combination of an already approved drug and some low-frequency electrical stimulation. The experiments on mice reversed the effect cocaine has on the signaling of neurons in the brain's reward center.
Consider Milestones Ranch in Malibu

Detox With Dignity Now  
Strengthening Your Sobriety
Q&A With Scott Strode, Founder of Phoenix Multisport Recovery Services    

"We want to continue to address the stigma by wearing the Phoenix on our bike jerseys and workout t-shirts making a statement that we are proud of our sobriety while respecting the traditions of the fellowships that also help us on our journey. Being open and proud of our recovery helps us let go of the shame that often keeps struggling addicts in their disease. I hope that Phoenix Multisport's simple approach of a supportive, active community helps others think about new and innovative ways to create a space that supports sobriety and recovery."
Butterfly on a Pink Cloud   
Iron Butterfly Guitarist Talks Sobriety and Meeting a Heavenly Being   

The psychedelic rock band first rose to fame in 1968 with its song "In a Gadda Da Vida," which was supposed to be called "In the Garden of Eden," but the lead singer slurred when he said the song's title and the slurred name stuck. But Mike Pinera, the group's guitarist (and former Blues Image member), has put that drug past behind him. For 26 years, Pinera has been sober, totally clean from drugs and alcohol.

Valentine's Day in South Florida  
4th Annual - "Love Of Recovery"  Rockers In Recovery Free Music and Art Festival    

For ALL people in recovery or supporters of the recovery movement. It will be held February 14, 2015 at CB Smith Park 900 N Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33028, (20 Minutes From Fort Lauderdale Airport). The entire festival will be open to the public. Music along with 25 Arts and Crafts Exhibitors , Food Vendors, Recovery Merchandise, Addiction Education,Evidenced Based Treatment Options, and Veteran Information.
Upcoming Conference in Las Vegas    
USJT's 7th National Counseling AdvancesMarch 19-21, 2015    

At Red Rock, the excitement goes far beyond exclusive hotel amenities . . . There's Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, River Rafting, or Horseback Riding . . . all in a breathtaking high desert setting. For the less adventurous, simply enjoy the luxurious surroundings of a 3-acre backyard, home to the 'best hotel pool in Las Vegas."
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