Tuesday, February 24, 2015

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What We Can't Do Alone, We Can Do Together
Tom Coderre ,Senior White House Advisor to SAMHSA, MC of the 7th Anniversary of Rockers In Recovery, the 4th Annual Love Of Recovery Music Festival, and the RIR milestone of 20th concert productions in the last 5 years. This is what Mr. Coderre said to the attendees halfway through the fest;

"I can say at this point, Rockers In Recovery brings the private treatment sector, addiction education, and the addiction advocacy non-profit sector together in a unique way as no one else at this point is doing anywhere in the United States.

What makes RIR unique, the message is all around and through the universal language of music with some great rockers of our day. They combine it with educational speakers and advocacy groups. RIR brings it all together at their community addiction eduction meet and greets, and addiction awareness and prevention concerts/festivals.

I found as I walked around and met people today is there is a mix of families seeking help, family members of people in recovery, recovery supporters, treatment centers with their clients, the recovery community, and people from the community just coming by to see what it was all about. The one thing I have been hearing over and over is the community loved the unique message of hope.   

I look forward to seeing more of RIR across the United States throughout 2015 doing Addiction Awareness, Education and Prevention through Rock-N-Roll."

Thank You Mr. Coderre for coming to spread the message of hope through Rock-N-Roll, and for being a part of our 7th anniversary party at the Love Of Recovery Meet & Greet and Festival. Learn More About Rockers In Recovery

Lori Sullivan
Addiction Awareness & Prevention Through Rock-N-Roll
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