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FBI Video, “Chasing the Dragon,” Illustrates Opiate Addiction’s Toll - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

FBI Video, “Chasing the Dragon,” Illustrates Opiate Addiction’s Toll - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: The Federal Bureau of Investigation has created a documentary that illustrates the toll of opiate addiction, The Kansas City Star reports. The film, called “Chasing the Dragon,” will be distributed to school districts nationwide and can be downloaded for free. High school students are a principal target audience of the film.

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Mandisa - Overcomer


Bless the Lord ,O my soul , and forget not all His benefits : Who forgives all your iniquities,

STEP 5 Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs (AA BIG BOOK)

In order to have all your diseases healed there will be conditions we must meet in order to receive freedom from the disease of addiction. Bill W figured this one out and He created the twelve steps . Many argue saying this is not a spiritual thing but they are wrong it is a spiritual battle with self and without Gods cleansing and forgiveness you will remain trapped in addiction. In order to fix something in your life you first have to recognize their is a problem. Believing and admitting open the door to God and he begins to close the doors of pride and shame. The more you work on you the freer you will become ! No one else can forgive you and without that forgiveness you will remain bound up in shame and addiction. God made us to live a life of joy but along the pathway of this life stuff is gonna happen that will take away that natural joy and our spirits become sick. Pride will replace that natural joy and we become blinded and unable to find the joy we lost . Next time you are at a playground and you see the children running yelling and playing that is a natural God given joy because they have free spirits unburdened by the worlds troubles and trials . Now find the child who is not playing , you know the one sitting by themselves not playing sad staring into outer space. They have lost there joy and there hearts and spirits are sick due to the worlds trials and troubles.They need healing and so do we . 

John 16:24 Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. 
(GODS BIG BOOK)By Joseph Dickerson
Later this month a new group of hurting and broken young men and women will arrive here at His Mansion.
If you or someone you know has a plow truck we need your help!

Yesterday, a snow storm rolled in and is still here. 

With another storm predicted for tomorrow the snow is beginning to build. Normally this is not an issue for us but currently all of our plow trucks are off line and waiting on parts to be repaired.

If you are able to help us clear our campus or want to help in some other way, please contact 
Jason Bennett at 603.464.5555 ext. 17.

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Creating Sober Excitement – Beating the Blahs to Beat Relapse

Creating Sober Excitement – Beating the Blahs to Beat Relapse
After a few months, it’s easy to hit a recovery wall and start to feel bored and dissatisfied with your new clean and sober lifestyle. This dissatisfaction will pass, but until it does, you can lower your risk of relapse by taking some time to plan islands of excitement to look forward to.
For a few reasons, after the initial euphoria of recovery success wears off, your new drug and alcohol free life can start to feel a little blah: Where’s the excitement? What’s to look forward to? ...Why does everything seem so boring!?
This is a normal and transient phase of recovery that tends to settle in for a while after a few months of abstinence. It won’t last forever, but unless you’re prepared to deal with them - the blahs can easily lead to relapse.

Reasons behind feeling the recovery blahs after a couple of months of abstinence:

  1. Your brain is still recovering (healing) from your drug or alcohol over-use and this makes it harder for you to experience strong positive emotions
  1. A lot of people run into something that’s known as ‘the wall’ between 2 and 4 months into recovery, as the early glow of success fades and the harsher business of reality settles in
  1. Your recovery life probably isn’t as "exciting" as your using or drinking life. Nine times out of ten, this is a very good thing (because most substance abuse excitement is the kind you really don’t want) but nevertheless, you’ll still miss those regular moments of genuine ‘fun’ excitement that using or drinking provided

So what do you do?

You didn’t stop using to live a less fulfilling life, so when the blahs hit, the only thing to do is to expend a little effort creating the life you’ve always wanted… by creating your own HEALTHY EXCITEMENT.

Creating Islands of Excitement

No one needs non-stop action, but we all need things to look forward to – things that make all the tough and mundane moments worthwhile.
  • We need to look forward to small moments of fun or excitement on a very regular basis
  • We need to have bigger things to look forward to for every once in a while

What’s the answer?

It’s not exactly rocket science… You just make sure to schedule in things to look forward to – islands of fun and excitement to swim toward from the sea of everyday living!

Examples of Recovery Excitement Islands (Both Big and Small)

  • Going away for a weekend with friends or family members
  • Going out to try a new nice restaurant (using the money you used to spend on alcohol or drugs!)
  • Going to a matinee movie
  • Going for coffee with an old friend
  • Going to a ball game or a play
  • Getting a massage or spa treatment
  • Taking the day off work
  • Going camping
  • A million and one other possible examples!

Scheduling Islands of Excitement

Is recovery life all you’d hoped it would be? Do you ever feel bored and miss the excitement of your past life?
Well if so, and even if you don’t, yet, you’d be wise to spend a little effort on the scheduling of events that give you something to look forward to, stave off boredom and to improve your quality of life.
Get started now! Make a list of your own personal excitement islands – anything that you’d look forward to with anticipation and then try to schedule at least a couple small events into your week and at least one larger event into the next month or so.

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 TAKE ACTION: Help get the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act passed Monday with just one phone call!

Thanks to your help and support, theComprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act(CARA) passed unanimously through the Judiciary Committee. Let’s make sure politics do not get in the way as this bill comes up for a Senate vote this Monday, February 29. We need you to call your senator!

Join us Monday for a national call-in dayto urge your senator to vote YES to CARA.

Feel free to use this sample phone script:

"CARA provides important tools for treatment and recovery in the fight against heroin and opiate addiction. It would provide funds for an evidence-based opioid and heroin treatment and intervention demonstration, authorize the creation of a national youth recovery initiative, and provide funds to non-profits in order to create communities of recovery. These are crucial steps to controlling this epidemic and would benefit every state in the nation, including [STATE]. Please have Senator/Representative XXXX vote for this important legislation.”

Plus, if you haven’t already, please help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures to have CARA passed. Sign our petition to ensure that this legislation receives the attention and support that it deserves.

Together, let’s demand our elected officials pass CARA and help improve the lives of the millions of people affected by addiction!
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Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ - Matthew 22:37 - 39

Dabs Are The New Drug Addiction Worry In Placer County

Dabs Are The New Drug Addiction Worry In Placer County: They’re created by stuffing marijuana trimmings into a metal or plastic pipe, then forcing butane into the pipe. The flammable liquid then extracts a highly concentrated form of tetrahydrocannabinol into the lungs.
Greetings all,
Attached are the PRO-ACT Philly calendars and flyers for March 2016.  Some of the highlights for this month include:
·         First Friday Series "Communication Champion's Anniversary and IdA Celebration:  Everyone Communicates"- (IdA- “Intellectual disAbility Awareness”) on Friday, March 4th from 12pm-3pm
·         Gateway to Work with Jack Land March 7th to March 11th from 10am-1pm each day
·         Saturday, March 12th 76ers vs. Detroit Pistons basketball game at 6pm (see attached flyer for details)
·         Dinner and a movie every Tuesday in March from 3pm-5pm
·         “The Art of Transitioning” by Dr. Ferman which meets every Wednesday from 3pm-4:30pm
·         Anger Management with Dr. Ijoy every Thursday from 3:30pm-5pm
·         We will also be hosting a Naloxone Training on Tuesday, March 15th from 12:30pm-1:30pm
Best regards,
JodyAnn Newell, CRS
Volunteer Coordinator
PRO-ACT/Philadelphia Recovery Community Center
1701 W. Lehigh Ave., #6
Philadelphia, PA 19132

PRO-ACT… Ambassadors for Recovery!

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