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Proverb 19 v 3 -People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord. NIV

Step 3. We made a decision to turn our lives and our wills over to the care of God.

My life is a wreck and its all Gods fault is like saying a spoon made Rosie Odonnel fat. Let me elaborate! God is and never was your enemy .Without Him you would be nothing! A big problem in my Life was blaming others including God for all that was wrong in my life. God, why did you do this too me?God why did this happen, you don't love me. I am no good and this is Gods punishment for me. Sound familiar, it should, there are so many in the world with these attitudes and they wonder why life is so messed up and never seems to get better.Look at the verse! Recognize and admit that you are to blame for the mess of your life! In order to fix a problem, we have to recognize and acknowledge what the real cause is.God is not the problem you are, and you need to stop the blame game and own up to the mess you made! Tell God your sorry and then ask Him to take control of your life because you cant keep living this way.God created you because you are His Children and He loves you more than you could ever comprehend. He has good and prosperity planned for your life and it is obvious your plan failed. Let go Let God, Forgive and Forget, Live Laugh and Love that is His plan! 

By Joseph Dickerson/Recovery Connections 
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Psalm 103v3 He forgives all my sins and Heals all my diseases
November 2017
Hey Friends – You’ve probably heard about the new digital Abilify pills, with embedded sensors that send signals about whether we are using the medication as prescribed. I predict this technology will become widespread, and I worry about its use in court ordered treatment and other involuntary interventions. Here at PDA, we are dedicated to promoting shared decision making, so that we always have a voice and choice in finding the treatment that is right for us. We commit ourselves to gathering a community of experts to develop a decision aid which will support shared decision making about digital pills. We invite you to join our Conspiracy of Voice and Choice.
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November '17:
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What's PDA up to this month?
Allison is helping a second NHS program in Pennsylvania prepare to use the CommonGround Software.  By the end of the month, she will have conducted 3 training sessions for their staff on Personal Medicine, Power Statements, and Decision Support.

Missy and Pat  presented a CommonGround Academy class, "Moving Beyond Compliance to Alliance", once for Community Care Behavioral Health practitioners and again for their peer staff.
Pat spoke at New York's Center for Practice Innovations 10th Anniversary Event. Her presentation was titled "Remaining Human Hearted While Working in the Human Services".
Missy and Allison led a training for Ancora Psychiatric Hospital in NJ: Practicing the CommonGround Approach
Pat spoke at Harvard University's Friday Morning Seminar in Culture, Psychiatry and Global Mental Health. 
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