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My name is Marty Henehan,  On July 16th, 1992. God gave me and my wife the most precious of gift. He gave us our beautiful daughter Samantha "Sammi" Henehan. She was a beauty queen pageant winner as a toddler and happy loving child. She was kind and generous to those less fortunate and would always stick up for and root for the underdog.

I was a father who struggled with a drug and alcohol problem for many years that prevented me from being the father she deserved. Her mother for many years played both roles of parents and made sure that she never went without anything. 
In Sammi's early teens she too started her own struggles with addiction. After seeing the path she was headed in we, me and my wife, had her admitted to a treatment facility for adolescents with addiction. After a short relapse upon coming home she went back in at the age of 17 and stayed sober for three years, she recreated herself as a personal banker for a nationally know Financial institution, at one point coming in as one of the top three bankers in northeast Pennsylvania.
This all accomplished with no college degree. But her real passion in life was helping others, particularly those other young girls who were struggling with addiction. Many of which attribute their sobriety today to her kindness and encouragement to just get ONE MORE DAY SOBER!

Unfortunately the disease of addiction is a very powerful disease and she was lured back to the drugs and alcohol again. My wife and I did all we could do. Sending her back to multiple treatment centers, sober houses, even going so far as to have her arrested and locked up to get her to stop.
Then on April 10th of 2016. We found her deceased in a motel room from an accidental drug overdose.

My wife and I being in recovery ourselves and knowing how passionate Sammi was about helping others. When we were making those final arrangements that no parent should ever have to make. My wife made the decision to do something that was unheard of in our area. She put in the paper the actual cause of death. When asked by our local officials and television stations "WHY", we said we wanted to "STOP THE WHISPERS" . We knew that it was something Sammi would want to be told.

Last year on July 17th, with the help and support of our local community we launched THE FOREVER SAMMI FOUNDATION. At the VERY FIRST ADDICTION AWARENESS RALLY in memory of Samantha. We were told, "Don't be upset if not too many people show up, alot of people don't want to talk publicly about it." Our response? That is EXACTLY WHY WE ARE DOING IT! There are so many people who are struggling in silence.

It will be a day that we will be celebrating Sammis 25th birthday. Our foundation raises money to help financially bridge the gap for people with no money, who may otherwise be homeless upon completion of treatment and we set then in a safe,sober environment. 

Learn more @  Forever Sammi Organization. Or email us and by phone at (570) 344-2863

Please come out to support the memory of Sammi on July 16th, from 3-7 pm. 

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I wish I had a penny for every time I have been asked how can I help!
Here's how I know you won't let me down you never have..xoxo
Are you ready to help us fight for the lives of our beautiful children
If you live in a state that's GREY on the map below I would appreciate it if you participated in The Addict's National Event Team TAM Bowling held in October.
This event is is in honor of my beautiful beloved son Daniel Francis Montalbano as well as all of the precious children lost to this horrible disease.
53 Teams have already formed!!!!
Please post below your state if you will be participating.
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Addiction Experts Object to Price’s Remarks on Medication-Assisted Treatment
Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s description of medication-assisted treatment for addiction as “substituting one opioid for another” is inaccurate, according to addiction experts who have asked Price to “set the record straight.”
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Two Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Drug Control Office From Sweeping Budget Cuts
Two senators have introduced a bill that would protect the Office of National Drug Control Policy from sweeping budget cuts proposed by the Trump Administration, according to the Associated Press.
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Ohio Police Officer Accidentally Overdoses on Fentanyl While on the Job
A police officer in Ohio accidentally overdosed on fentanyl while on the job, NBC News reports. He was recovering, but reportedly “still miserable” several days later.

Jeff Sessions Directs Federal Prosecutors to Pursue Tougher Penalties for Drug Crimes
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced he is directing federal prosecutors to pursue the most severe penalties possible for drug crimes.
Family Can Play Lifesaving Role in Overdoses by Using Naloxone: Study
Family members can be active participants in responding to the overdose epidemic by rescuing loved ones with the opioid overdose antidote naloxone, a new study finds.
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Top Drug & Alcohol News of the Week
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Drug Overdose Deaths Rose 19 Percent in 2016
Drug overdose deaths increased 19 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to a preliminary analysis of data by The New York Times. Evidence suggests the problem, driven by opioid addiction, has continued to worsen this year.
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Bill Would Create Tough New Penalties for People Caught With Synthetic Opioids
Two senators on the Judiciary Committee are preparing a bill that would create tough new penalties for people caught with synthetic opioids, NPR reports.
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DEA Warns Police, Firefighters About Accidentally Overdosing on Fentanyl on the Job
The Drug Enforcement Administration is warning police officers and firefighters about the dangers of overdosing on the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl if they accidentally touch or inhale the drug while on the job.

Teens at Elite High Schools May Face Increased Addiction Risk as Young Adults
Teens who attend elite high schools may face an increased risk of addiction as young adults compared with national norms, a new study suggests.
Series of Overdoses in Georgia Traced Back to Fake Percocet Pills
Officials in Georgia say at least a dozen people were hospitalized over two days in the state after ingesting an unidentified street drug. Four deaths have been linked to the drug.
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