Thursday, October 21, 2021

Your Vote Matters!

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It's Important to Vote this Fall!

Make sure you are ready to vote this year. Our local elections are just as important as our Presidential and Congressional elections. This year we are voting for Statewide and local judges as well as District Attorneys, Sheriffs, Row officers and municipal leadership. In Philadelphia there are four ballot measures covering marijuana decriminalization and changes to city operations including hiring practices.

The Advocacy Leadership Program has developed Voter Guides with information about candidates in our criminal justice system and voting rights including people with criminal convictions.

Vote on Tuesday, November 2 or by mail-in ballot.

Your vote makes a difference.

We Recover and We Vote!

The PRO-ACT Advocacy Leadership Team

Click the links below for our Local and Statewide Voter Guides and you can also check to make sure your registration information is correct!

Statewide & Bucks Voter Guide 

Statewide & Philadelphia Voter Guide

Check Your Registration

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๐Ÿ’ŒSacred Sunday Newsletter

"I am in love with myself and my body. And so it is!"

Tomorrow we're continuing to unpack relationships and non-monogamy in an amazing interview with Angelika Alana—more on this below!

 In today's newsletter, I've also included a few of the book recommendations we give to Life Reset Course members, an Ask Alexis on social media use and mental health, some podcast deals, and more!

Hope you enjoy!




In this week's episode of Recovering From Reality, I am joined by Angelika Alana a love, sex, and relationship coach specializing in body-based healing for spiritual women and gender non-conforming people. We dive into sexual exploration, sitting in discomfort rather than diving into desires, how to establish safety in your nervous system, communicating our sexual needs in an effective way, and being on the same team as your partner. 


"How do you balance using social media as a tool with how draining social media can be?" 

- Connor (via Instagram)
Hey Connor!

I love this question because it's so relevant to the inner work I did while on the pod hiatus. My short answer is mindfulness and awareness of self as a consumer.

When I'm on Instagram, TikTok, whatever social media platform, I do my best to listen to my inner dialogue and feelings as I consume content. When I'm feeling my energy being taken, not feeling inspired or uplifted, and overall find my mood decreasing, I know it's time to take a break.

I love implementing social media detoxes from time to time—whether it's for a few hours or days, it always helps bring clarity to my relationship with social media.

So my advice is to be mindful of how social media is making you feel, take breaks when you need it, and fill your feed with content that boosts your mood!

Hope this helps!


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Ep. 115 Our Open Marriage with Evan Haines
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