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5 Helpful Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays | The Fix

5 Helpful Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays | The Fix: The truth is that sometimes, the holidays can just be tough. But you don’t have to go in blindly. Follow these basic tips and you can have a wonderful and happy sober holiday season.

Advent: Deepening Our Commitment to Recovery | The Fix

Advent: Deepening Our Commitment to Recovery | The Fix: Haven’t we struggled through the dark in our addictions and now live inside truth’s illumination? So why not spend these weeks in spiritual reflection and renewing our commitment to recovery?

American Overdose: An Interview with Chris McGreal | The Fix

American Overdose: An Interview with Chris McGreal | The Fix: In American Overdose, McGreal lays bare the shady behavior of greedy pharmaceutical executives, duplicitous lobbyists, and crooked doctors who helped to perpetuate the worst drug epidemic in American history.

Homeless in Sobriety | The Fix

Homeless in Sobriety | The Fix: One friend found my homeless sober alcoholic life fascinating. She wanted to know if I smelled, where I went to the bathroom, and what I did all day. Once she even asked if I had a Big Book.

The Other White Powder: My Addiction to Sugar | The Fix

The Other White Powder: My Addiction to Sugar | The Fix: In that first meeting I went to for my sugar addiction, I heard others admit to doing the same things I did. Sneaking. Lying. Throwing food in the bin to halt a binge only to come back later and fish it out to eat.
Top Drug & Alcohol News of the Week
PLEASE NOTE: We are taking a publishing hiatus for the remainder of December and will resume service Thursday, January 3. Happy holidays and thank you for your readership!
Packaged Fentanyl Calgary Police Service
Fentanyl Most Commonly Used Drug Involved in Overdose Deaths
Fentanyl was involved in almost 29 percent of all overdose deaths in 2016, making it the most commonly used drug involved in overdose fatalities, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More
hundred dollar bills
Heroin, Oxycodone and Cocaine Are the Most Expensive Addictive Substances: Study
A new study that looks at the long-term costs of addiction finds heroin, oxycodone and cocaine rank as the top three most expensive substances. Each addiction costs more than a million dollars to support over a 50-year period, CNBC reports. Read More
IV Drug Use
Review of Medically Supervised Drug Use Facilities Finds Mixed Results
A review of medically supervised drug consumption facilities finds no clear answer about whether they lower a community’s rate of drug overdose deaths, The Washington Post reports. Read More
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Study Highlights Risk of Combining Opioid Painkillers with Other Medications
A new study finds one-fourth of people who take prescription opioid painkillers for long periods are at risk of an overdose from unsafe combinations of prescription medication. Read More
Tobacco and Alcohol Companies Moving into the Marijuana Business
Tobacco and alcohol companies are starting to move into the cannabis business, The New York Times reports. Read More
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December 13, 2018

Join NAADAC for a Professional Exchange Delegation to Kosovo on May 18-25, 2019

NAADAC, the Association of Addiction Professionals and the National Council for Behavioral Health are honored to have been selected to lead the Addiction and Mental Health Counseling Professionals Delegation to the Republic of Kosovo.

Join NAADAC Executive Director Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, BSW, NCAC II, CDC III, SAP, and the National Council President and CEO Linda Rosenberg from May 18-25, 2019, for this important international exchange program that will give you a unique opportunity to learn about the state of addiction and mental health programs in Kosovo, the Balkan region, and Eastern Europe.

Celebrating 10 years of independent governance in 2018, Kosovo has endeavored to develop a solid infrastructure to support its civil society. A culture that has been shaped by conflict and violence now looks to a bright future. Supported by U.S. and international nongovernmental organizations, Kosovo, the poorest nation in Europe, is home to some of the most innovative programs addressing the challenges of access to health care, advancing education, stabilizing the rule of law, and ensuring basic human needs for their entire population.
Connect with addiction and mental health professionals in Kosovo to discuss:
  • Epidemiology of addiction and mental health disorders in Kosovo;
  • Assessment, intervention and referral, treatment and care options for drug and alcohol use disorders;
  • Scarcity of service providers and access to treatment;
  • Role of primary care and community-based services in identification and treatment;
  • Ongoing quality of life and community rehabilitation programming;
  • Resources for patients and affected family members;
  • Treatment for post-war traumatic disorders; and
  • Roles of international NGOs in developing programs in Kosovo. 
Delegation Leaders
Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, BSW, NCAC II, CDC III, SAP, is the Executive Director of NAADAC, the Association of Addiction Professionals, the premier addiction professional association serving over 10,000 members and representing the professional interests of more than 100,000 addiction counselors, educators, and other addiction-focused health care professionals in the United States. Prior to this role, Cynthia had more than 20 years of experience serving homeless populations and dealing with the co-occurrence of poverty and substance abuse issues, serving as the administrator of multi-county, publicly-funded alcohol/drug prevention/ intervention/treatment centers with services ranging from prenatal care to the serving the elderly. She has been a trainer in Domestic Violence/Anger Management and Conflict Resolution for over 35 years and is a curriculum writer in addiction screening and evaluation, counseling methods, conflict resolution, co-occurring disorders and medicated assisted treatment and recovery.

Linda Rosenberg, MSW, is President and CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health, the nation’s largest mental health and addiction education and advocacy association with 2900 member organizations serving 10 million Americans. Prior to joining the National Council, Linda was New York State’s Senior Deputy Commissioner for Mental Health where she opened New York’s first Mental Health Court; implemented NY’s assisted outpatient program, Kendra’s Law; designed services and housing for the homeless; and developed and operated a Home and Community Waiver Programs for children with serious emotional disturbance and their families.
NAADACThe Association for Addiction Professionals
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Phone: 703.741.7686 / 800.548.0497

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