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Researchers hit breakthrough in anti-heroin vaccine development  
June 6, 2017 - The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) researchers announced Tuesday a breakthrough in the development of an anti-heroin vaccine. Researchers working at Virginia Commonwealth University said the anti-heroin vaccine has proven effective in blocking the "high" of heroin in non-human primates. The vaccine is now the first of its kind to pass this stage of preclinical testing.
MEDIA: Book to Consider
New Book Presents Introspective Approach to Battling Drug Addiction   
June 5, 2017 - Harris also investigates means to render chemical dependency powerless by harnessing the power of the sober mind. He advocates for the use of internal recovery tools, in conjunction with external devices, to combat substance abuse and keep the disease at bay. "Having studied the addict's mind in-depth, I have found that the root of compulsion is in the mind," Harris said. "It is the mind that directs every thought and behavior. Drug Addiction and the Most Powerful Enemy Against It underscores the fact that the mind that is the only true passageway out of addiction."
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Steve Sarkisian: Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia was inspiration for alcohol treatment  
June 7, 2017 - "I was actually at home on a Sunday night and I was watching SportsCenter, and Scott Van Pelt was doing his editorial," Sarkisian said. "That night was when CC Sabathia had decided to go to treatment before the Major League Baseball playoffs. I thought to myself, 'Whoa, here's somebody who is like me, who is in a very high-profile position in sports - ace pitcher of the NY Yankees - and was being relatively commended or almost celebrated for going to do what he did.'
Top Drug & Alcohol News of the Week
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Cost of Heroin Use in the U.S. Tops $51 Billion
The total cost of heroin use in the United States reached more than $51 billion in 2015, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
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Opioid Epidemic Drives Up Death Rate Among Americans Ages 25 to 44
The nation’s opioid epidemic is fueling a rise in the overall death rate among Americans ages 25 to 44, according to an analysis of government data by The Washington Post.
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Republican Proposed Medicaid Cuts Endanger Addiction Treatment: Experts
Cuts to Medicaid proposed by Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate jeopardize addiction treatment, NPR reports.

Fentanyl Sales Fueled by the Dark Web
The opioid crisis is being fueled by anonymous online sales on the dark web, where buyers purchase fentanyl and other drugs using special browsers and virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, The New York Times reports.
Attorney General Asks Congress to Roll Back Federal Medical Marijuana Protections
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked congressional leaders to roll back federal protections for medical marijuana.
Other Headlines of Interest
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Festival Sponsorship - Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Love of Recovery - Free Music Festival - September 9, 2017 (12PM - 5:00PM) - Venue LOCATION: Kirby Park @ 160 Market St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18704. 

Hello I'm Lori Sullivan Co-Founder of Rockers In Recovery, a media and productions company that specialize in bringing addiction education together with music events. The events are to help those affected by addiction may it be the addict or their loved ones.

RIR is not a treatment center - Since it launched in 2008, Rockers in Recovery®, a for-profit media and production company, has attracted tens of thousands to its music festivals and reached millions more through its online reach. The message the organization is spreading through rock 'n' roll: there is hope, addiction recovery is possible.

When RIR produces a festival production we select in the area Non-Profits to work with. Please support the Non-Profits with a direct donation online, or at their both the day of the event. We are proud to announce the following for September 9thFestival in Wilkes-Barre, PA.; 

Since the start of our music festivals in February of 2011, attendees can go right to the recovery information tent manned all day with addiction professionals to help everyone. Each RIR Festival has bands and solo acts along with a list of 10-minute addiction professional speakers in between bands. RIR is educating while having fun in a fun, loving environment. Festival goers also Enjoy Music, Recovery Speakers, Arts and Crafts Exhibitors , Food Vendors, Recovery Merchandise, Addiction Education, Evidenced Based Treatment Options , and Veteran P.T.S.D./Addiction education Information.

We make these events totally free to anyone who would like to attend. In order to do this we rely on sponsorship dollars. We work very hard to make this a win win for everyone.

How? By becoming a sponsor we promote your organization/company through our many media platforms based on the sponsorship level you decide on. The earlier a sponsor comes aboard the longer you are promoted. You are also part of a great community event that promotes and shows recovery is possible (hope) as well as educating and helping those in need (help).

Of course in turn your sponsorship dollars are a 100% advertising write off and mostly  help pay for the production costs of the event. A win win!!

Again, we can only do this event through the participation of organizations like yours.

Let's "Unite to Fight" against the ignorance and stigma associated with addiction! I thank you for you time and consideration.  

Lori Sullivan
RIR CEO & Co-Founder 

Love of Recovery Music Festival; The History 

It was 2004 and I was stuck in a room drinking and drugging like a pig. I was using 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My state of mental health was off the chain to say the least. Deep down inside I was on a road to death and knew it and was really ok with it. It's Always Darkest Before Dawn. Read More

Dr. Nick Colangelo
Clearbrook is proud to be associated with Rockers In Recovery! 

"RIR works tirelessly on a daily basis to broadcast a message of hope from the disease addiction. Hundreds of thousands of people have connected to Rockers In Recovery over the last 10 years and now their message reaches millions of people online every day!

Thank you RIR for all you do for the recovering community! We are forever grateful for your efforts!"  Dr. Nick  Learn More

Andy Will Be Performing - September 9, 2017

Andy Pace of Little Creek Lodge, will be performing September 9, 2017 at Kirby Park located at 160 Market St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18704. 

Andy is a professional drummer and musician for over 30 years, he has performed worldwide with C&C Music Factory, Gary US Bonds, Taylor Dayne, The Brat Pack, Cover Girls, Lissette Melendez and many others. Andy has appeared on Saturday Night Live, The MTV Music Awards, American Music Awards, The Arsenio Hall Show, and The World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.

Andy holds a degree from New York State University in Human Services, Certified Addictions Counselor. CO-FOUNDER AND CEO of  Little Creek Lodge  a long-term dream of Andy's that was realized in 2008. This would be the first of its kind on the east coast. Learn More

Checkout RIR-Radio Episode 813 -  Andy Pace - Love of Recovery Music Festival

MiZ Will Be Performing - September 9, 2017

The Mike MiZ Band will be performing at the Love of Recovery Music Festival - September 9, 2017(12PM - 5:00PM) - Venue LOCATION: Kirby Park @ 160 Market St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18704.

IT'S FREE - Enjoy Live Music, Recovery Speakers, Arts and Crafts Exhibitors , Food Vendors, Recovery Merchandise, Addiction Education, Evidenced Based Treatment Options , and Veteran Information.

MiZ has opened for America, The Wallflowers, Derek Trucks Band, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Blues Traveler, Shawn Colvin, Lyle Lovett, Leon Russell, Railroad Earth and many more. Learn More

Love of Recovery (Wilkes-Barre, PA.) - FLYER DOWNLOAD

12:00PM - Muddy Shews and Friends
Speaker - Open
1:00PM - The Mike Miz Band
Speaker -  Open
2:00PM - The Stickies 
Speaker - Open
3:00PM - RIR Special Guest Rockers;
Band Director - George Massengill on Keys (Chillbillies)
Andy(Babe)Pace on Drums (C&C Music Factory and Gary US Bonds,)
David Uosikkinen on Drums (The Hooters)
Muddy Shews on Bass (Southside Johnny and Billy J. Kramer)
Don Taylor on the Sax (Lynyrd Skynyrd Band)
Davis Mitchell on Guitar (Chillbillies)
Daniel Holt on Bass (Johnny B. and The Road Dogs)


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