Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
February 21–27
COMING UP IN THE FIX// Baltimore, Heroin Capital of the US * Drug Treatment Moguls * Addiction Triggers * Pro Voices: Going Deeper in Addiction Treatment *Interview with Kevin Sessums * Confessions of a People Pleaser * Directing Butterflies * My Rehab Experiences * PLUS: Other incisive articles

CANNABUSINESS// The New Canadian Cannabis Oligarchy
Under new Canadian regulations, Health Canada will be minding your "cannabusiness" rather than personal growers. This oligarchy not only hurts growers, but consumers as well.
By Neville Elder

ONLINE// Are Big Alcohol's Ad Men Targeting Recovering Alcoholics?
After years of posting about getting sober, I began wondering if the beer ads I was seeing online were part of a deliberate campaign to get me to pick up the bottle again.
By Jeff Deeney

PROFESSIONAL VOICES// What if We Really Treated Addiction Like the Disease It Is?
A physician explains how "precision medicine" can lead to comprehensive recovery.
By Howard C. Wetsman MD

HISTORY// Saving Mabel Normand
She was lustrous and brash, especially on gin-soaked days, lifting her skirt or offering offbeat quotes in jest. And for nearly 100 years her pioneering spirit has been diminished by tales of her alleged cocaine addiction and sordid behaviors.
By Kathleen Phalen Tomaselli

CHARITY// 14 Great Addiction-Based Nonprofits And Charities
You have to give it away to keep it and there's never a bad time to consider giving to any of the worthy regional and national organizations listed below.
By MccCarton Ackerman
Federal Government to Require Drug Courts to Allow Opioid Maintenance Programs
House Republicans Warn D.C. Mayor She Could Go to Jail for Legalizing Pot
Heroin Addict Robs Girl Scouts to Get His Fix
Senator Cory Booker Explains How Drug Law Makes America Less Safe
Pot Activists Enlist Republican Grandma In Legalization Fight
Highly Processed Foods to Blame for Food Addiction
Real Treatment
This week, Howard C. Wetsman MD proposed health care experts actually treat addiction as a disease. Readers debated whether legalizing all drugs would be a better solution:
While I agree with the premise and it makes sense on so many levels, I can't see selling heroin over the counter as not leading to a whole new group of folks who will become addicted to something that they may have never otherwise messed with if it weren't so easy to get and inexpensive as a result of its mass merchandising.


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