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Holistic Recovery in Florida
What is involved in a drug rehab program in Florida? Many people get the idea that drug rehab has to be this serious thing where you sit in a room and tell horror stories from your life of drug addiction and then endure the long-lasting terrible pains of detox in a strange, clinical hospital dormitory. If this is what you picture drug rehab to be like, then you've got it all wrong! Read More 
Is Marijuana Addictive?
"Marijuana is a much bigger part of the American addiction problem than most people-teens or adults-realize."-John Walters
The reputation of cannabis being natural and harmless makes some addicts think that its use is a good way to mitigate the effects of giving up alcohol or harder drugs. However, the goal of recovery should be to eliminate all mind-altering drugs, and addicts should realize that marijuana carries real risks. Read More 

Address: 400 Civic Center Way - Suite B
Royal Palm Beach, FL - 33411

Telephone: 561-408-2495
Recovery Unplugged Addiction Network Inc.   
The facilities are located across the country, offering unmatched programs and services that honor mind, body and soul. The addiction treatment and detox facilities work with HMO's, Commercial Insurances, Medicare,self pay, and ScholarshipsRead More 

PLEASE SHARE - Starting February 14, 2015 - Recovery Unplugged Addiction Network Inc. and our members will be donating one scholarship bed per month throughout the rest of 2015. Please Contact Lori Sullivan @ 954-826-5968 For More Information. Meet The Network Here: READ MORE 
Dual Diagnosis: Living With A Substance Abuse Problem And A Mental Health Issue
When a person is living with a substance abuse problem and a mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or post-traumatic stress disorder, it is referred to as a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder.Read More 
Overcoming a Past of Trauma and Abuse
Trauma and abuse can have widespread negative impacts on your health, well being and sobriety. In addition to working on your recovery at women's drug rehab, you will work on overcoming any past trauma or abuse. Any such unresolved issues can lead to a number of difficulties including the hindrance of your recovery processRead More
Thank you to the millions we reach everyday through Rockers In Recovery platforms. I want to thank you for your support.

Lori Sullivan - President/Co-Founder
RIR Corporate Office
The National film documenting America's worst public health crisis in history. PLEASE visit our new website. 

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