Monday, January 12, 2015

JAN 24th - Life ReScripted with Bob and Vicki
Life ReScripted is a (FREE!) experiential workshop that uncovers and clears unresolved issues that can undermine recovery. There are strong and compelling reasons why these issues persist. A rescripting identifies and transforms the root cause of our self-sabotaging choices & behavior.
About the facilitators: Bob and Vicki met in a 12 step meeting in the late 90's and soon started a monthly gathering with others to augment their recovery. Life ReScripted was continually modified in those early gatherings and became their most effective tool. They found they were able to do deeper work in this safer environment which resulted in less struggle and lasting change. Word spread and they were invited to facilitate at 12 step and other retreats and began hosting weekends and training others to form their own circles. Their goal is for Life ReScripted to be accessible as 12 Step programs worldwide. Training is available for those interested in helping facilitate and/or starting their own circles. Congratulations to Bob on 24 years of sobriety!
Requirements to attend this workshop: at least 3 months of sobriety, a support system and a commitment to be responsible and accountable for your actions and behavior within the group . 

Workshop will be held
at 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Dwier Center
392 Church St Yardville, NJ

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JAN 29th Mercer Cty Advocacy Meeting - NCADD
Mission: NCADD-New Jersey works in partnership with and on behalf of individuals, families, and communities affected by alcoholism and drug dependence to promote recovery through excellence in prevention and treatment initiatives.
FEB 9th - Health Care & Education Enrollment....


FEB 20th - ITALIAN NIGHT - A Change for Nick....

A Change for Nick will host a fundraiser to support its continued operations in North Jersey. As the article below says, ACN was founded recently to help those struggling with the disease of addiction. Nick's mom, Chris Fagan, is a longtime supporter of COA and a Recovery Coach grad. To view the article mentioned above, click on link below: 

 support group meets on the Second Thursday of Each Month from 7:00pm until 9:00pm, at The Raymond Dwier Center, 392 Church Street, Hamilton Twp., NJ. If you are planning to attend for the first time, please call to pre-register: Laurie Latham 609-575-5477 or Sue Fares 609-203-2950.
Let's Talk About Recovery!

With 10 original shows, COARR plays Recovery Talk 24/7/365....past shows are available online and in each show's online archive. 

Tune in thru the smartphone app (free in the iphone/droid stores) or on to hear what's playing now.....

New show on COARR: Step by Step is a Pennsylvania-based network of recovery homes where recoverees gain support from one another. This show explores what it's like to live in a sober home. If you missed the show, it's now online: click here to listenIt's a great introduction to what sober living & recovery homes are all about!

Listen to past COARR shows any time: 

For "Women & Addiction" with Terri Thomas, click here. 

For "Wellness in Recovery" with life coach Nancy Tilelli, click here. 

For "Journey Thru the 12 Steps with the Life Recovery Bible," click here. 

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At City of Angels, we were the first-ever "all volunteer community organization", as we established and still maintain a no charge policy for our support services.  We are always looking for caring volunteers. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, please click the link below:

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