Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
January 3–9
COMING UP IN THE FIX// 2014's Celebrity Drug Stories * Ibogaine Shaman *Death Penalty Drugs * Hep C Q & A * Pro Voices * New Blog * Shame * The Last Milligram of Suboxone * Positivity * New Ask an Expert! * New Rehab Reviews! *PLUS: Other incisive articles
HEALTH UNINSURED// Dr. Denial = Death
Psychiatric treatment continues to be denied by insurance companies in unprecedented numbers, and addicts are dying as a result.
By Dawn Roberts
PRO VOICES// Behind The Scenes with a Recovery Coach
Because there is no "how-to" manual for early recovery.
By Melissa Killeen
BEEN THERE// How a Homeless Addicted Prostitute Turned Her Life Around
After 83 arrests and the loss of four babies, Tonier Cain found redemption and purpose.
By Cathy Cassata
FACTOIDS// 5 Things You Need to Know about Alcohol and Your Liver
The risk factors and techniques to prevent cirrhosis.
By Jeanene Swanson
CAUGHT IN THE NETFLIX// Binge-Watching, the New Heroin?
Six hours slip by in the blink of an eye. Are you addicted?
By Zachary Siegel
California Bill Proposes Ignition Locks for DUI Offenders
Internet Addicts Make Up 6% of the World's Population
Man Wearing 'Who Needs Drugs?' T-Shirt Busted for Drug Possession
Russell Brand: Criminalizing Addicts Like Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman is ‘Pointless’
Mexican Drug Cartels Force Aspiring Members to Eat Human Hearts
Legal Marijuana Industry Estimated to Produce 200,000 New Jobs in 2015
Treatment Beyond Bars
This week, Cathy Cassata told the story of Tonier Cain, aaddicted homeless prostitute who turned her life around. Readers expressed gratitude to the too-few programs that helped people like Cain:
This is such a strong profile about affecting real change in the lives of the traumatized and addicted who are in prison. The more I learn about early childhood trauma and its connection to both addiction and incarceration, it's clear that programs such as the one Tonier Cain participated in are the answer, not building more prisons.


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