Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
January 10–16
COMING UP IN THE FIX// 2014's Best Celebrity Drug Stories * Astrology for Recovery? * Interview with Doc Wilmot on "Intoxication Coaching" * Service or Self Care? * Shame * Rafael Reyes' Band, Prayer * Pro Voices * Ask an Expert * New Blog: the Aftermath of Addiction * PLUS: Other incisive articles
RIP// Exclusive: New Details Emerge about Audrey Kishline's Death
Sheryl Maloy-Davis tells The Fix about her friendship with Audrey Kishline after Kishline killed Maloy-Davis's daughter and husband; about the book they wrote together, despite Kishline being too drunk to write; and about her friend's final choice to hang herself.
By Regina Walker
SAVING VETERANS// On the Front Lines Against Hep C
One in 10 US veterans is infected with HCV—three to five times higher than the general population. What is being done about it? The Fix Q&A with Hep C advocate and HCVets co-founder Tricia Lupole.
By John Lavitt
PRO VOICES// Unintended Consequences: Are We Inadvertently Increasing Heroin Overdose Deaths?
Have efforts to reduce prescribed opioid overdoses caused a spike in heroin addiction and death? Part One . . .
By Dr. Richard Juman
DEATH PENALTY// Oklahoma: State Sanctioned Torture to Continue
Extensive death chamber renovations do not obscure the fact that none of these lethal injection drugs are designed to kill.
By Neville Elder
YOUNG AND RESTED// 6 Challenges and 6 Rewards of Being Young in Recovery
I'm 22, I've never consumed a legal drink, and I never plan to, for better and worse.
By Beth Leipholtz
Heroin Overdose Deaths Jump 39% Between 2012 and 2013
Denver Post Hires First-Ever 'Weed Style Writer'
Majority of Teens Experience Drunken ‘Blackout’ by Age 19
Colorado Pot Tax Appears to Have Reaped $60 Million in 2014
CDC Reports Six People Die Each Day from Alcohol Poisoning
VIDEO: 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace Duke It out over Pot Legalization
Legalize It... All
This week, Dr. Richard Juman discussed in depth howcracking down on painkillers is leading to heroin use.Readers suggested alternate solutions, some going as far as to advocate the legalization and regulation of all drugs:
Let's not forget that weed is damn near legal if not actually legal in many places in the U.S., with more on the way. They (cartels) can't compete with these ultra-strong, locally grown designer buds, so they start to shift crops; the mexi-dirtweed market is all but dried up, and cheap black tar heroin is flooding the streets again. Unintended consequences, I guess. Oxy got them hooked, but when we crack down on that, the Mexican cartels have something you might like as well - maybe even a little cheaper!


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