Wednesday, January 28, 2015

 Women for Sobriety, Inc.

Hello WFS Friends!
I thought you would like to read one of the day passages from the WFS booklet, "Reflections for Growth" that WFS's Founder, Jean Kirkpatrick, wrote.  All women using our program in their recovery are encouraged and welcomed to submit their comments on this reflection for possible publication in the March 2015 issue ofSobering Thoughts newsletter...please send them to by February 11th.  Thanks!


Why do we worry?  Usually it is because we do not believe in ourselves.  We think of ourselves as being incapable of meeting the demands that are being made upon us.  Or we worry about our children and/or husband.  Or we worry about bills lying unpaid in the checkbook.  Our we worry about our elderly parents and how to care for them.
Yes, these are our worries.  They are universal.  And, certainly, we are an integral part of that universality.
(This was an excerpt from "Reflections for Growth" booklet and may be purchased through the WFS Catalog - there are 12 booklets - one for each month of the year.  Copyright WFS Inc.)

EXTRA EXTRA....  checking to see who actually reads through to the bottom of the emails... Because Jean always encouraged us to counter every negative with a positive (and then some!) - I am asking those who will respond with comments to the "Worry" reflection by ALSO respond with at least 5 things that make you HAPPY.  They will be added to Jean's article on "Happiness is..." for the April 2015 Sobering Thoughts Edition (or at least as many as I can fit in the newsletter!).  And to give you some encouragement, here is Jean's list:

Happiness is...
+ Visiting my Aunt in a nursing home and seeing her smile.
Saturday morning with Sunday following.
+ Knowing we each have an allotted amount of time and appreciating each day.
+ Seeing a sunset or a sunrise anywhere on earth.
+ Spring, Autumn, even Winter and dull gray days.
+ Rescuing a stray cat from otherwise certain death.
+ Yellow, orange, pale blue
+ Smelling new-mown grass.
+ Living every day to the very fullest.
Warm regards,
Becky Fenner, WFS Director

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