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October 2017
Hey Friends!  Here at Pat Deegan & Associates we continue to create cutting edge technology and trainings to help transform behavioral health care to support recovery, healing and wellness.  This newsletter will keep you up to date with our latest disruptive innovations and link you to some of our new resources. We invite everyone to              Join Our Conspiracy Of Hope.
PDA's RecoveryLibrary homepage - October '17:
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What's PDA up to this month?

Pat delivered a keynote address - "Powerful Strategies for Recovery: Awakening the Healer Within and Practicing Recovery Leadership" for the Georgia DBHDD 2017 Behavioral Health Symposium. Pat also conducted a workshop at the conference -"Personal Medicine: What We Do to Be Well".

Pat gave a keynote address - "Peer Supporters: At the Intersection of Love and Outrage"  at the iNAPS 2017 Conference. She also conducted a workshop - "Micro-aggression in the Workplace: What It Is and How Peer Supporters Can Manage It".

Missy and Allison, our trainers, led several CommonGround Academy classes:
  • for NJ Ancora Psychiatric Hospital: "Using Recovery Library"
  • for Community Care Behavioral Health practitioners: "Engaging our Recovery Partner"
  • for Community Care Behavioral Health peer specialists: "Helping Peers Discover the Healer Within"
  • and for Family Service of El Paso: "Moving Beyond Compliance to Alliance"
Missy conducted a workshop, with Tom Rosamilia of New Bridge Medical Center -"Implementing a Shared Decision Making Model in an Outpatient Behavioral Health Setting" at the NJAMHAA Conference: Shaping our Future

And Pat closed out the month participating on a panel at the Community Care Behavioral Health 20th Anniversary Gala - "New and Enhanced Services for Individuals Diagnosed with Serious Mental Illness and Other Disabilities".
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Pat's Blog: The Roots of  Lived Experience and Peer Support
    The phrase "lived experience" has been widely adopted in the peer support movement. We talk about having the lived experience and using that experience to support others in their healing and recovery... more
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