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October 3, 2017 • Vol. 5., No. 10
Information for Treatment Industry & Recovery Community
"The price of self-destiny is never cheap, and in certain situations it is unthinkable. But to achieve the marvelous, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought." -Tom Robbins
In the Hotlight
Massachusetts Attorney General launches probe of addiction treatment...
SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 - Peter SanAngelo, of Malden, Mass., died of a carfentanil overdose last fall in Delray Beach, Fla., where he was allegedly brokered for treatment using a Capital Blue Cross insurance plan purchased with a phony Pennsylvania address ... He was 33. Text messages on his phone, obtained by the Globe and STAT through Herring, laid out the scheme that brought him south. A broker signed him up for insurance using the address of a Pennsylvania sober house where he had never been, and then someone else bought him a plane ticket ... In a statement, Healey urged anyone victimized in a drug treatment scam to call her office’s Health Care Helpline at 888-830-6277.
Cream of the Crop
Clapton film recalls drug addiction, death of son Conor
Sept. 24, 2017 - Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars, which recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, recalls the career highs but also the shadows in the life of 72-year-old rock god, Eric Clapton ... Patti Boyd. Fellow blues legends John Mayall and the late BB King evaluate the genius of their friend and collaborator. “I’ve never met a better man than my friend Eric Clapton, “ says King.
Rebel With a Cause VIDEO
Gabor Maté-Opening statement video
Sept. 24, 2017 - "Alcohol and Tobacco, more dangerous than any illegal drug".
Why It Took Google So Long to End Shady Rehab Ads
September 26, 2017 - There could be a billion reasons ... Federal and state laws make patient brokering, or selling access to patients, illegal, under the theory that money shouldn’t take precedence over finding the proper care. But the largely unregulated business of addiction treatment in America is driven by effectively paying to acquire patients … There’s big money involved. A midsize addiction treatment center can easily shell out $1 million a month or more for Google AdWords.
How to Win a War on Drugs 
Sept. 22, 2017 - Decades ago, the United States and Portugal both struggled with illicit drugs and took decisive action — in diametrically opposite directions. The U.S. cracked down vigorously, spending billions of dollars incarcerating drug users. In contrast, Portugal undertook a monumental experiment: It decriminalized the use of all drugs in 2001, even heroin and cocaine, and unleashed a major public health campaign to tackle addiction. Ever since in Portugal, drug addiction has been treated more as a medical challenge than as a criminal justice issue.
Doctor of Horrors
Miami Physician Gets 8 Years for ‘Multifaceted’ Fraud
September 25, 2017 - Received kickbacks from a pharmacy in exchange for referring patients there to fill prescriptions he wrote. Some scripts were for expensive antipsychotics and cancer and HIV/AIDS drugs, even though patients weren’t necessarily diagnosed with these conditions…
It's About Time
This Woman’s Opioid Relapse Could Change Drug Laws Forever
Sep 26 2017 - by MAIA SZALAVITZ - Julie Eldred was ordered to stay sober as a condition of probation after repeatedly stealing to get heroin. She thinks that’s unconstitutional—and she’s not alone.
One City Has it Right
Drug treatment, not arrest: Worcester to let users choose
Sep 28, 2017 - She said the diversion program would also free up the district attorney’s and police resources to focus on “the bad actors,” the dealers. (Pharmacies?) 
Wherever two or more are Wounded VIDEO
Sober-home owner threatened to throw out stabbed client VIDEO
Sept. 27, 2017 - A bout of early-morning drinking at a Christian Recovery sober home in Jupiter led to a fight and stabbing…
Here’s How The Opioid Epidemic Got Started, According To The Top Painkiller Prescriber In America
Sept. 27, 2017 - “If opiates didn’t cause tolerance, we would not be here,” Dey argued. “If I could give somebody 20 milligrams of Oxycontin a day or four Percocets a day, and ten years later, still be giving them that amount, they would be fine.” … “There have been small studies but certainly not developed studies that show cannabis works as a treatment for chronic or constant pain,”... 
The Future's So Bright...
Mother-of-one, 27, who used to ‘get drunk every day’ pens candid account of her battle with alcoholism
Sept. 26, 2017 - An Australian woman who ‘used to drink until she physically couldn’t any more’ has revealed how she feels after two years of being sober...’ I grew up going to AA meetings with him and attending Al-anon meetings for myself,’ … ‘When I first started noticing the signs within myself you’d think that would have scared me more to stop drinking...’
Buried VIDEO
Grim Business In West Virginia: Body Transport VIDEO
Sept. 27, 2017 - Business is booming for one somber industry in West Virginia: the transportation of dead bodies ... More than 880 people died of drug overdoses in West Virginia last year - a record number. “Now, it’s nothing for us to have two or three in the same day … or six or seven in a week,” said Lowry, a licensed embalmer. “It’s just out of sight.” Public health officials blame West Virginia’s soaring number of fatal drug overdoses for those sharp increases.
MEDIA: Book Suggestion
When the Servant Becomes the Master: A Comprehensive Addiction Guide for Those Who Suffer...
New book: The definitive guide to addiction that addresses misinformation and stigma, humanizes the disease within a framework of science, research, and personal experience, and provides a wealth of information on the various forms addiction takes as well as rich data regarding treatments.
City of Angels to the Rescue
Troubled Ant McPartlin flies to LA to help with his addiction recovery … sans wife
Sept. 27, 2017 - A source close to the star revealed: “Ant has gone to Los Angeles to get away from the spotlight. He’s in recovery and it’s important that he has the time and space he needs.
Hazelden Betty Ford 35th Anniversary
Celebrate 35th Nov. 3-5, 2017 –REGISTER NOW!
Recovery isn’t a solo venture. It’s meant to be shared and celebrated. Nobody understood this better than the First Lady Betty Ford, who found recovery at age 60, then made it her life’s work to help more people experience this new life in recovery. 
MEDIA: Amazon Prime
Tim Roth shines in cop thriller ‘Tin Star’
Sept. 30, 2017 - Tim Roth plays Jim Worth, a British detective who’s relocated his family to a quiet Canadian town in search of a simpler life. Jim is a recovering alcoholic, and there’s a sense that he’s left some very dark times in his rearview mirror. 
Russell Brand Opens Up...
Sunday, October 1, 2017 - It is really hard not to like someone who is as open about their vulnerabilities as Russell Brand. At a recent talk to launch his latest book, within minutes the comedian and actor was sharing moving tales of his battle with addiction and low self esteem.
English Saucery
Sex, sobriety and modern addiction in brand new UK comedy show
Oct. 1, 2017 - Now sober from alcohol and substances she’s failing to find moderation and meaning. Walk of Shame is about sex, sobriety, Sambuca and the modern addict that lies within us all.
A Helping Hand
A Single Mom, A Latino Immigrant And The Struggle Of Addiction Recovery
Sept. 30, 2017 - Wenick, a single mom, needed to buy food and diapers. She had her 2-year-old baby boy strapped to the back seat. She also carried with her the weight of her drug and alcohol addiction. 
Richmond, VA Oct. 7, 2017
Pedaling Sobriety
Recovering heroin addict biking 3,000 miles to spread awareness VIDEO
October 1, 2017 - Matthews said alcoholics anonymous is what worked for him and thousands of others ... He said on this ride, he’s already gotten three people into a drug rehab program.
More Harm
Than Good?
Antidepressants may raise death risk by a third
September 19, 2017 - As the authors of the new study write, antidepressants “disrupt multiple adaptive processes regulated by evolutionarily ancient biochemicals, potentially increasing mortality.” Such a biochemical is serotonin.
Science Marches On
Cocaine Addiction Linked to Epigenetics
September 28, 2017 - Experiments in rodents suggest that epigenetic control of gene expression in the brains of people with substance abuse disorders may influence how environmental cues become strong triggers that increase the likelihood of relapse after they quit. 
Native Americans' Lives Matter
After Whiteclay ruling, attention turns to alcoholism
Sept. 30, 2017 - The Pine Ridge Reservation needs a detoxification center, an expanded residential treatment facility - the current one on the reservation has a capacity of seven…
VIDEO Interview Leonard Buschel
John Shinholser
Powerful VIDEO
Columbine survivor shares experience of opioid abuse... VIDEO
Sept. 22, 2017 - Austin Eubanks shared his experience and his rough road to recovery with hundreds of recovering addicts and counselors in Phoenix last week. He also touched on the opioid crisis happening across the country and how it affects Arizona..
Hope After Heroin
Heroin 'heroine' saves lives from her living room
Oct. 2, 2017 - Tracey Helton is known as the "heroine of heroin," as she mails out doses of the generic version of Narcan...Helton struggled with opioid addiction from ages 18 to 28 and survived several overdoses. In her book, "The Big Fix," she chronicles her life on the streets, where she injected heroin into her feet and resorted to prostitution to support her habit.
Go Make a Movie
REEL Recovery Film Festival
is a social, educational, networking and recovery forum showcasing first-time filmmakers and experienced professionals who make films about addiction and recovery… 
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Usual Suspects Staining the Industry
3 Guilty in Sober Home Schemes
Sept. 26, 2017 - Tomasso paid between $200 and $650 for every week of treatment that a resident of Infinity House attended Tomasso’s drug treatment programs ... The owners of London Treatment Center in West Palm Beach also pleaded guilty to patient brokering ... Other sober home operators told investigators that Martinez-Garcia and Johnston agreed to pay $600 a week for every insured addict they enrolled in their program ... All three men agreed to cooperate with the task force’s ongoing investigations.
Opening Night Film. LA VIDEO
SUBLIME documentary details how addiction ravaged the band after Bradley Nowell’s death
Sept. 19, 2017 - The Long Way Back, a new Sublime documentary, details how drug addiction ravaged the California ska-punk band after frontman Bradley Nowell’s 1996 death from a heroin overdose. The film premieres October 20, at the REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium AND on October 17th via VOD platforms, including iTunes and Amazon ... The doc’s gripping trailer, premiering at Rolling Stone, highlights how Nowell’s drug abuse and tragic death affected his family, bandmates and Sublime’s hard-partying entourage, including childhood friend Todd “Z-Man” Zalkins. “It was sex, drugs and rock and roll,”…

Robert Bly Would Be Proud
WELCOME TO THE MEN'S GROUP at REEL Recovery Film Festival Oct. 26, Laemmle NoHo
I attended the screening of Welcome to the Men’s Group at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation in Los Angeles … I had a vague idea of the film based on the trailer. It promised to be cutting-edge, but wow, Welcome to the Men’s Group was so much more than I had expected! ... What makes this film particularly interesting is its diverse cast and roles. The complex archetypical male is portrayed by extreme characters, which I learned to love as the film played out. (please call for complimentary tickets, courtesy of LUMINANCE Treatment.)
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