Wednesday, January 8, 2014

“I love all who love me.
Those who search will surely find me.

STEP 2 : Came to believe that God, a Power greater than ourselves, could restore us to sanity and stability.

Growing up I went to Catholic school so I was given the foundation for faith in God and Gods history was drilled into my head everyday.What I was not taught was the power that excists in a relationship with God and His son Jesus.How can something or some God I cant see or hear help me and why would he want to. My life thirteen years ago put me into a desperate position .All my personal relationships destroyed multiple bench warrants no place too live my only source of nutrition was chemical substances. I hated myself and everything I stood for.Whats the point is what my thought was ,living sucks and I am too much of a coward too off myself so what choice did I have. My sister would always tell me I am praying for you as would my mom and many others. At the most desperate point of my life ,I began to talk to God. It was no plain talk it was anger and pain as I called out to Him for help.I questioned His existence and blamed Him for the mess of my life.In the middle of my rants I asked for His help.Days and weeks had passed with no change , he did not hear me so screw it and back to being screwed up me . One year had passed and then it happened , the nagging to get wasted was not there . I missed my family ,I wanted to go home . It was so strange something had come over me and at first it didn't click my heartfelt angry arguments I had with God and my pleas for help. God opened my eyes set me free to rewrite the story. God does love you He is real and never stop praying for your day will come as did mine.

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