Friday, September 22, 2017

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Addiction & Pregnancy
Pregnancy should be an exciting and empowering time in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, addiction and mental health problems can compromise a woman’s safety and well-being. There’s hope for recovery, though. Help is available for pregnant women who are suffering from addiction.

Addiction is a progressive, chronic disease characterized by compulsive behavior, harmful side effects and relapse. Like other diseases, addiction presents serious risks for pregnant women and their babies.

Drug Addiction is one of the most dangerous types of addiction. Co-occurring mental health disorders, which commonly accompany addiction, also present unique health care challenges.

Every substance a woman consumes while pregnant can be transferred to her baby. Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs can pass through the placenta — the organ that provides nutrition and oxygen to the baby — and cause serious problems.

Thus, women who are pregnant or who are planning to become pregnant should avoid substances of abuse, and talk to their health care provider about a healthy diet and lifestyle. Those who are unable to quit using alcohol or other drugs should seek treatment immediately.
Living With an Addict
Addiction affects families in a variety of ways. The impact is different for each family and often depends on the addict. It’s important for a pregnant woman to put her safety and her child’s safety first.
Family members should encourage their loved ones to seek help, but a person’s decision to seek treatment may be affected by a family member’s attitude toward addiction.
About Forgotten Mom
Forgotten Mom Inc. (FMI), is a registered (501(c)(3), non-profit initiative established to address, support, and find help for the dramatically underserved population of individuals struggling with the disease of addiction. By focusing primarily on the mothers in need of treatment and support, FMI can best serve the widest scope of families caught in the seemingly overwhelming addiction and behavioral health struggle.
Forgotten Mom Recovery Kit
The Forgotten Mom Recovery Kit specifically designed to aid in emergency overdose and drug addiction at home. The objective of our first aid kit is to protect every household whose family member suffer with addiction and have a FREE recovery kit in each household. We have an overwhelming demand for these kits and are working hard to be able to offer one to every household that needs it. If you are able to donate to join our cause please click the link below.

Contents will contain:
Fentanyl strip
12 panel UA Cup for Drug Testing
FM Emergency Manual 
CPR Kit 
Narcan Application
and more.....

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