Friday, September 22, 2017

 will start from the beginning.
When my son was 13, I noticed a change. Maybe it was hormonal. That happens. Denial.
At 16, I noticed even more of a change. Maybe it’s a girl. Another denial.
Maybe it was the fact I had remarried as did his dad. Denial again.
Anger, outrage, being disrespectful. Maybe I’m being too hard, not hard enough. Denial.
Changing schools, changing friends. He just needs to find his people. Denial.
Fast forward… new girlfriend. We like her, she’s good for him. Turns out she’s not. This is where I, as a mother, thought: “wait, something isn’t right”. As a parent, I wanted to nurture and protect. Sometimes to our child’s detriment.
We turn a blind eye to what is in our face because we cannot accept the fact that even though we have done everything in our power to nurture, educate and teach our children about the big bad world, they will choose THAT path. Drugs. No parent ever wants to admit their child is an addict. Well… my child is an addict. I knew for a long time something was amiss. Denial.
You never want to face this. It doesn’t matter what people tell you, what your child does or doesn’t do in some cases, it’s hard to face.
Well…. eventually you get to a point you can’t deny anymore. I prayed for my son every day. I was scared for him. I was scared for our family. I thought “We don’t do this in our family. We aren’t ’those people’.”
Guess what? We are. Drugs don’t discriminate. 

They grab hold and don’t let go. Drugs destroy families and relationships, jobs, everything. My son was the sweetest baby, toddler and young man. Until he wasn’t. Drugs took him away.
I missed him, but I, as his mother, enabled this to some extent. Did I fail him? Yes. Did I cause this? No.
My son came to me in February 2017 and admitted he had a problem. That act took quite a bit of courage. My prayers were answered.
After calling so many drug rehab facilities that just gave us the runaround, we called Narconon Louisiana. The Intake Coordinator was amazing!
He spent so much time talking to me, reassuring me. He told me Narconon’s program isn’t easy. It’s not meant to be. It’s not summer camp. I was hesitant at first. Sauna therapy, what? But in reality, the Narconon program was the turning point for my son. Not only did he shed his “addiction,” he learned to be with himself and look at his life.
Narconon SAVED MY SON. The staff were so incredible in this journey. They helped him learn life skills, coping skills and self-worth. They taught him the art of communication.
My son has been clean for 7 months. He and I are still in contact with his Narconon family and he visits them weekly. On his own. They didn’t just stop caring for him when he graduated. As a mom, I’m telling you, if you even suspect, know, whatever, get help for your child, spouse, relative. Don’t wait.
Narconon will help save your loved one as well.
Narconon New Life Retreat offers beautiful and comfortable facilities matched with a highly successful non 12 step program which results in higher success rate

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