Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Partners for Hope
Dear Friend,

You have now heard from two outstanding Partners for Hope, Cyndi and Nancy, who are changing the lives of families in need by sharing their story and doing what they love.

And you can too!

Join our nationwide network of Partners for Hope to help ensure every parent gets the support they need to help their family heal.

To write your story, create a memorial page or start your fundraiser today, simply visit Whether you choose to share or fundraise in memory of a loved one, to celebrate recovery, or because you are a champion of our cause, you are making an impact for the families we serve.

We're excited to see the rippled effect you will start by becoming a Partner for Hope.Your personal page will help families struggling with their child's substance use and your fundraising effots will support the critical work the Partnership does to help families.

On behalf of the families we'll serve, together,
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
I'm Ready to Join!

Parent Toll-Free Helpline1-855-DRUGFREE

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