Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello Recovery Registrant!

You previously helped the Addiction Recovery Research Center (ARRC) by registering for the International Quit & Recovery Registry (IQRR). We’ve recently redesigned our website,, and we are now excited to announce its newest feature – the Recovery Research Rewards (RRR).

As a token of appreciation, members of will receive 100 points upon completion of each assessment in the Gemstone Series. Members can then choose to redeem their points at any time for payment via Amazon Payments. In addition, every time you complete any 3 assessments, you will be awarded 100 bonus points. For now, the conversion rate will be 100 points = $1.00, but there may be other options in the future. Let’s look at an example:

RecoveryHeroSallySmith reads this email and wants to participate in future recovery research, but has not had a chance to visit the new IQRR website yet. She goes to and clicks the ‘Register’ tab, which prompts her to enter the same email that she used when registering for the IQRR before. The system confirms that she has already completed the initial assessment, and it directs her to set up a user account on the website. Once logged-in, she clicks the ‘Research Assessments’ tab and chooses to take 3 of the available assessments, earning 400 Research Recovery Reward points right away! She decides she would like to cash-in now, so she goes to her profile page and clicks the “Redeem RRR Now” button, displayed next to her points. The points are deducted from her account and she receives an email from Amazon Payments during the next business day, informing her that she has received a $4.00 payment from the Addiction Recovery Research Center.

This is only the beginning! We hope that over time the Recovery Research Rewards (RRR) will evolve, giving our participants more options for point redemption, such as donation to charities or even purchase of official IQRR and Recovery Hero merchandise. We want people to get involved, we want people to be excited, and, most importantly, we want to make a positive impact for those around the world who are still fighting for freedom from their addictions.

You have already contributed to the IQRR by joining the registry, but there is so much more we would like to know about your recovery. Please join us! Visit, create an account, and select any or all of the following assessments (about 10 minutes and 100 points each) to make a valuable contribution to recovery research and start earning virtual badges and Recovery Research Rewards (RRR):

Garnet Assessment: Complete two short decision-making tasks. One task asks you to rate yourself on a series of statements and another asks you to choose between two hypothetical monetary values.

Amethyst Assessment: Help scientists understand the recovery process by answering these questions about past drug use.

Aquamarine Assessment: Rate the harm and consequences of illicit, legal, and prescription drugs.

Diamond Assessment: Share personal experiences from your childhood and your beliefs about how much control an individual has over the events that occur in his or her life.

Thank you for joining the IQRR. We look forward to the opportunity to learn from your experiences.

Best Regards, 

The ARRC Research Team
Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Please allow 2-3 business days for receipt of your payment from Amazon Payments. If you have any questions about the assessments or payment please contact .

This research is approved by the Virginia Tech Institutional Review Board. For questions or concerns directed toward the Institutional Review Board, please contact Dr. David M. Moore at (540) 231-4991 or

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