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2014 Masthead
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Saturday, September 20, 2014 
Penn's Landing, Philadelphia
Click here to see the video from last year
Whether you're an individual, a team captain, a team member, or just "thinking about it," there is something you can do NOW to begin raising funds. We need your help not only to defray the expenses of the Walk but, importantly, so that PRO-ACT can continue to serve the recovery community with our advocacy efforts and services designed to help people access and sustain long-term recovery. A contribution to PRO-ACT Recovery Walks! is a good investment! We will use more than 80 cents of every dollar you raise or donate to:
  • Eradicate discriminating public policies
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of recovery
  • Honor providers of a wide range of treatment and recovery services
  • Provide hope to those still suffering with substance use disorders
  • Mobilize the recovery community to work toward increased funding for research, quality treatment and recovery support services
  • Honor those who haven't survived this chronic disorder
We're Offering Two Prizes for Team Captains

The First Prize will be awarded to the Team Captain whose team raises the most in donations. They will earn:
  • The honor of throwing out the first pitch at the 2015 National Recovery Month Baseball Game!
  • A pre-game tour of Citizens Park for four (4) people
  • Four (4) complimentary field-level seats
  • Their picture on Phanavision
  • An electronic disc showing them throwing the first pitch in September 2015 
Deadline for the winning team donations total is the day of Recovery Walks 2014, September 20. The winning total will include all donations made up to and including the day of the Walk. The names of the winning team captain and team will be announced from the stage on September 20.

Congratulations to last year's winner, Christina Reice, on the left, who is very excited that she'll be throwing out the first pitch at the Phillies vs. Miami Marlins game on September 12 (we'll be selling 12-Step Fighters tickets shortly). Her team, The 12-Step Fighters, on the right, worked very hard to push their total ahead of every other team so that Christina could win.

The Second Prize of a $100 Gift Card will go to the Team Captain of the largest registered team on September 20.
Your first step could be to write out a list of everyone you know: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, book club members, community officials, teachers, etc. Each contact you have during any day can be an opportunity for you to talk about the Recovery Walk--you'll find that many of them have been touched in some way by substance use disorders. 

Whether you ask in person or by phone, email or letter, the sooner you ask the easier your fundraising process will be. You could even make copies of the Recovery Walk flyer (click hereand add a personal note to it. It's very important to describe the purpose of the Walk, how the funds will be used, and not make an assumption that someone can't or won't donate. 

Remember to tell everyone that their donations are tax deductible!

Persevere--do you know that the average person needs to be asked SIX times before they make a donation? Many people from past annual walks have been touched by the support they received when they shared their story. Let people know that it's not only OK to talk about substance use and recovery, but by breaking the silence we can reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery so those who struggle will find the strength they need to seek help. Recovery is real.

Over the years, we have learned creative ways to supplement your donation gathering. Be sure to look through the Team Captain's Walk Kit for plenty of ideas and other useful information (click here to access it and copy as you wish).

What To Do With Collected Donations
As September 20 (the day of the Walk!) approaches, and you have gathered all the donations you can, there are a few ways for you to turn in your collection to PRO-ACT:

If you are a team member, turn them in to your Team Captain.
If you are a Team Captain or an individual:
  1. You can turn them in at any of The Council's locations (click here)
  2. You could convert them into a check or money order, payable to The Council of Southeast PA, and mail it to The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc., 252 West Swamp Road, Unit 12, Doylestown, PA 18901.
  3. If you wish, you can turn in your collection through making a donation and charging the amount you owe to your credit card (and keeping the cash) here 
  4. Bring the donations to the Recovery Walk in Penn's Landing on September 20 and turn them in at the Donations Booth.
REGISTER to walk, form a TEAM, 
SPONSOR the event, make a DONATION, join the HONOR GUARD, or volunteer to help by clicking HERE
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