Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NA & AA Meeting GURU John !!

Recovery connections will feature a new addition to our resource network.  Going to a meeting for the first time can sure be unsettling and frightening.  Once there the last thing we need is a room full of obnoxious abusive morons making our recovery more difficult.  John our meeting GURU has created a rating system one to ten stars, ten being the best.  John has been in the rooms for 30 years plus so he knows the importance of meetings and where you can go and find success in your 12 stepping journey.  John is also AA only so we will need a NA GURU.  If interested contact Recovery Connections at
Please Remember,  these are GURU JOHNS opinions based on his experiences and our intention is not to offend any of these groups but to help newcomers find a place where they will find acceptence and success.

The Keys
700 Rodgers Rd. Bristol Pa. Mondays at 12
GURU JOHN rates a 5 There can be alot of bad attitudes!

1946 Welsh Rd. and Busleton Ave. Phila.
In the hall adjacent to the church(St. Luke Espispocal)! Mon. Threw Fri 1 to 2
GURU JOHN rates this a 9 ,very welcoming group open good place to start!

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