Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Freedom House New Jersey

Effective residential treatment programs in halfway houses in New Jersey

Have you or has someone close to you been devastated by alcohol or drugs? Call
908-537-6043 for more information about Freedom House’s long-term residential drug and alcohol treatment programs or click hereto fill out our contact form.
From our humble beginnings as a 6-bed facility in 1986 to our present day 73-bed program throughout five locations in New Jersey, Freedom House’s long term residential treatment services have helped over 1,500 people rediscover the Faith, Hope, and Trust they needed to regain control over their lives. It is not an easy program, nor is it a 28-day rehab. In fact, Freedom House provides long term residential treatment for those that did not succeed at maintaining sobriety. We demand strict adherence to our policies while offering life skills training such as job searching, budgeting money, and nutritious cooking instruction. Our program is overwhelmingly successful in bringing about lasting drug rehab and/oralcoholism recovery.
Freedom House accepts residents from our home state of New Jersey as well as all other states across the country. Compensation for a resident’s stay with us may be funded privately or by means contacts for services through Freedom House Foundation, or other means if applicable. Freedom House’s three innovative model programs include:
  • Long Term Residential Treatment for Men — Based in a halfway house in New Jersey rather than a hospital, we provide a comprehensive drug-alcohol rehab program using reality therapy, behavior modification and positive peer pressure, as well as individual and group counseling and life skills training.
  • Transitional Living Programs for Men In this peer-driven model, residents are located in home-like settings and live with a small group of other men as they prepare to integrate back into society. All room, board, and transportation to and from work, court appearances, and other necessary functions are provided.
  • Transitional Living Programs for Women — Designed for women that have already been through a long-term residential drug and alcohol treatment facility, we teach them life skills and provide them with a case manager that will oversee their stay and work with the courts to reunite them with their children.
Have you or has someone close to you been devastated by alcohol or drugs? Call
908-537-6043 for more information or click hereto fill out our contact form.
Freedom House’s New Jersey drug rehab and alcoholism treatment center, as well as our transitional living programs, are run by a dedicated and caring staff that is on call 24/7. Additionally, unlike typical transitional living programs or halfway houses, we provide long term residential treatment in a halfway house setting. Our hard work and noble effort has earned us our 3rd consecutive 3-year accreditation from CARF(Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). This unique distinction is noted by ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine).
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Although we provided $291,012 in free long term residential treatment to the community in 2009, as a nonprofit we need to depend on residents being able to pay a portion of their net income as an investment in their long term drug rehab or alcoholism recovery. Even though our Freedom House Foundation actively seeks donations from benefactors, solicits grants from private foundations and large corporations, and runs a series of high-end special fundraising events throughout the year, it is not enough to allow us to serve everyone that seeks our help.
For more specific, statistical information click here to contact us or call 908-537-6043..
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