Saturday, February 11, 2012


WHERE ARE YOU MEN OF COURAGE!!! I just watched what has to be the most powerful exciting, and , life changing movie on this planet !COURAGEOUS , is what it is called it was just released on DVD.There is too much to describe ,you have to rent it , sit down with the family and prepare for your lives to change.What I want for you folks out there especially , the husbands and fathers too think about is ,we are the leader of our homes and if we don,t have bible based foundation some sort of guide we will raise and care for our families the same way our fathers and their fathers did . If we were raised in a home with no love then we will pass that on , if it was a home of physical abuse then we will pass that on,the way we were raised is the way we will raise our families. The great news is we can change that ,time is short and we only have so precious , and little time too love our families, and do what is right.So stand up and be a MAN OF COURAGE ,its time too break generational curses that our families have been plagued with for too long.If the men in the homes across America and around the world took this movie to heart and followed its guidelines with a true sincerity then the next generation just might have a bright new future.

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