Saturday, February 11, 2012

About CityTeam International

CityTeam International is a non-profit organization serving the poor and homeless in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Philadelphia and partnerships in 42 other countries around the world. Since 1957, CityTeam International has provided life-saving food, shelter, clothing, recovery programs, youth outreach, camp for at-risk inner city kids, discipleship and other essential care 365 days a year.
By partnering with CityTeam International, you're not just helping a homeless person off the street and moving them toward rehabilitation - you're helping transform a life, heal a family, bring reconciliation and break the cycle of destructive behavior or poverty - from generation to generation. It is about reaching out to one person at a time to help meet their immediate needs and introduce them to the hope that only God can provide - so they can truly make real changes in their life. Real Life - Real Hope - Real Change.
Each person we help can be the key to ending the cycle of poverty, homelessness and despair for a whole family.
You can partner with CityTeam International in many ways: volunteer, mentor, prayer partner, food or clothing donation, or a financial donation. Individuals around the world support CityTeam International - we accept no government funds and are accountable to the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability).
Please check out the different cities that we serve and the programs that we have. You can help change a life today by getting involved.

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