Saturday, February 4, 2012

National Drug Abuse Summit Orlando Florida

This inaugural, must-attend National Rx Drug Abuse Summit, April 10-12, 2012, is unlike any other national conference, bringing all impacted parties together to address the prescription drug abuse epidemic. Conference programming is designed to convey a synergistic approach to include: prevention, education, treatment, law enforcement, health care providers, advocates, and human resources – among other impacted parties.

Diversion of prescription medications from their legitimate medical uses has become an epidemic that requires a coordinated national effort to find data-driven solutions. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn from state and national leaders, law enforcement officials, medical professionals, community advocates, treatment experts, educators, private industry leaders, and others who are finding success in battling this epidemic. In addition, the event is intended to foster better understanding and cooperation between all groups and how that cooperation can lead to successful outcomes. Conference programming features breakout sessions impacting law enforcement, trent, health care, advocacy and prevention.
“We cannot afford to ignore the fast-growing drug problem in America. It impacts everything from medical expenses to workforce viability and it requires a multi-faceted approach with support, from not only state and national leaders, but also leaders on the ground in our rural and urban communities. This first of its kind Summit will get all parties together to address this issue.”
Congressman Hal Rogers, Chair, House Appropriations Committee
Your peers at this Summit will come from:
  • Federal and state legislators and policy makers
  • Federal and state executive leaders
  • Healthcare practitioners with prescription privileges
  • Certified substance abuse counselors and recovery specialists
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Treatment facility managers
  • Advocates, families, and patients working to increase awareness and effect change
  • Pharmaceutical executives
  • Prominent academicians and researchers
  • Government officials tasked with regulatory oversight
  • Insurance payers and benefits managers
  • Suppliers of prescription monitoring technologies
Your presence at this national Summit signifies a firm commitment to meaningful dialogue and cooperation in addressing the prescription drug abuse epidemic in our country. Through this type of collaboration, our work can be more impactful. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

National Advisory Board

Operation UNITE has formed a National Advisory Board to guide program development and conference offerings and has partnered with Inquisit, a division of Amerinet, to identify, design and deliver cutting-edge continuing education programs for conference attendees.

Agenda & Workshops

For more information contact Cathy Lenox at or 1-866-678-6483.atme

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