Monday, February 20, 2012

Twelve Stepping to Recovery Daily Thought !

      Surrender, and I am powerless to control myself , are you kidding me.When I began my journey to recovery facing the first step was hard for me to put my mind and heart into it especially when you told me to give my will to a  higher power! God and Jesus are the Higher Powers and are the ones I needed to give my life to because they are real and they will actually help you when you get out of the way and truly stop trying to run your life the way you think it should go. Realizing in your addiction that living your life the way you have been living it ,the pain sorrow fear deceit and every other thing we do to get through the day is not what this world or your life is all about.Step one is a tough one but it works and it is absolutely neccessary , if we are to begin that journey to recovery. Ask Jesus to help forgive and guide you He will!

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