Saturday, February 18, 2012

Providence Ministries Dalton Ga.

Women seeking residential alcohol and drug rehab treatment may be surprised to hear that getting sober is not the hard part… it's staying clean, living in recovery, and healing from a past full of hurts and hang-ups that's the real challenge.

Unfortunately, people suffering from addiction often allow their pain, failures, and character defects to define their identity, or how they view themselves and what they in turn base their choices on. Spiritual transformation is at its roots, a process of healing by letting go of the illusion of control, discovering and uprooting the false beliefs that trap people in the addiction cycle, and replacing those lies with God's truth about their identity in Christ.

For this reason we proudly offer intensive in-house Christian faith-based addiction services which were developed to help women safely transition onto the challenging path of long-term recovery... and we offer it all at a cost people can afford, 90 Days for $3,900. That's only $300 per week. We know that the key to long term stand firm recovery is through Christ led spiritual transformation. Fly in to Chattanooga and Still Save!

The Providence Ministries' Women's Program is heavily subsidized by sales from our thrift stores, as well as through the charitable contributions of our donors, sponsorship cost has been reduced to just $3,900 for 90 days, which means you could literally fly in to Chattanooga Tennessee, (we're 20 minutes south in Northern Georgia) to attend our program, and still save money when compared to most other rehabilitation centers. And unlike those other recovery facilities, we are part of a large family of missions where we put Christ first. We are not driven by profits or investors, but rather by a calling to serve him.

What we are offering is an opportunity many people will never have. A chance to give yourself a break and take 90 days in exchange for the rest of your life.  To once and for all put an end to a life you know in your heart cannot continue the way it has. The end of the path of addiction is always prisons, institutions, and death, and the sad truth is that family and loved ones suffer just as much as anyone.

Our program works for those who have suffered enough and want to change for themselves. If you can admit that you have a problem and that you can't fix it alone, then you've already taken the first step. Now we're asking you for just a bit more courage to take the next, and to give us a call at (706)275-0268, and we'll guide you from there.

If you'd like more information about any aspect of our program, please visit the other pages of this site or send us a message from the box below and we'll be happy to return your call. Though we've never met, you are indeed in our prayers and we want you to realize that there is hope and recovery through Jesus and Providence Ministries.

If You're Tired of The Misery of Addiction, and you Are Ready to Find a New Better Way of Life, Click: I'm Ready to Begin the Admissions Process

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