Thursday, February 23, 2012


      You know your ready when you have come to realize my way of life and what I have done with my life is to some degree meaningless and self centered.  ME ME ME was my way of thinking and it did not matter what I had to do to satisfy my wants.  In my addiction I was such a helpless fool, I got this and when something went wrong I used every excuse in the book to say it was everyone elses fault.  No matter how hard I tried to pretend everything was ok and this was life, boy was I wrong! The sad part was I was missing what life was all about and I was living way below my potential. That is why step one is so important to me, it helped me realize I wasn't alone and that there was a GOD out there who created me for so much more!  Coming to the realization what you have done until now was selfishness and foolishness will be the beginning of step one for you! LET GO AND LET GOD

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