Monday, February 13, 2012


When were living in addiction, spiritually in my personal life I was faithful to using drugs and alcohol.  Once I found sobriety using that same faithfulness in my walk with God was not the same.  If we can take all that negative energy and time that we used in our addiction and put it to the positive there is no telling what we can accomplish and where our lives can go.  Faithfulness is your word and thought for the day.  Stick with it no matter what it looks like.  Myself personally everyday I fight to be faithful in my relationship with God and I believe though the times are tough I woke up with an unexplainable joy in my heart this morning.  I believe that joy comes from my faithfulness towards God and His faithfulness towards me.  My favorite book (bible) states He will never leave us nor forsakes us no matter what we have done.  Now that is true faithfulness.    REMEMBER JESUS LOVES YOU!

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