Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Did you attend the FED UP Rally this weekend?

The Addict's Mom Live Video Meeting this Thursday Oct 2nd at 7:00pm on In the Rooms www.intherooms.com, will take a look at the special moments of this a.mazing rally. To join the Addict's Mom group at http://www.intherooms.com/group/view?gid=1806

The Addict's Mom is looking for 10 TAM moms to share their special moments from attending the FED UP RALLY? Did something at the rally move you to tears; have you formed a new friendship? What did you learn?

I p.romise you it matters, your share will bring hope and inspiration to others, and they too will want to participate. We need every addict's mom to be involved fighting this horrible disease that is claiming the lives of our beautiful children.

If you will join me on Thursday please post below. Also, if you don't mind also send me an email me at Barbara@theaddictsmom.comwith your name and phone number.

***Special Note the Addict's Mom is now on Instagram @addictsmom join us for special updates, pictures and important information.

Much love to all addict's moms and their families...Barbara

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