Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are you up for a challenge? Please join In The Rooms for f.ree and send me a friend request (Barbara Theodosiou)
addictsmom on in the rooms. Also make sure to join the Addict's Mom group here is the link http://www.intherooms.com/group/view?gid=1806. You will be updated on all future meetings the Addict's Mom will be hosting to educate you and your family on addiction.
This Thursday 7:00pm EST on the Addict's Mom Live Video Chat Meetings on in the Rooms; We will be "Sharing Without Shame." Members will be reading poems, essays, letters, blogs written by those whose lives have been touched by addiction. We need 10 brave members to SHARE!!
Do you have a favorite story, letter, poem etc you wrote to your addict? yourself? your younger self? Or to anybody at all that you would like to share we would love your participation. To participate please join in the rooms, and the addicts mom group on in the rooms. Let me know you would like to share on Thursday September 18th by emailing me atbarbara@theaddictsmom.com. Please include your phone number and name on in the rooms.
Remember you can remain anonymous or not.

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