Sunday, September 14, 2014

DON'T MISS: Walk with the Angels on Sept. 14.....
Latest news: coming to Walk with the Angels this coming Sunday, September 14th will be Wayfaring Wellness, who will be giving free massages to walkers & runners. Massage can help loosen the muscles, induce relaxation, and promote healing. It also just feels really good! To learn more about Hamilton-based Wayfaring Wellness, click here.

Also at Walk with the Angels will be Riss Conforti, a Third Level Reiki practitioner and recoveree who will be offering complimentary Reiki energy therapy sessions. Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that works on the energy body to stimulate mental, emotional and physical healing. 

Many thanks to these very generous and talented people! 

They will be joining Cornerstone Health & Fitness, COA Recovery Radio, food vendors, recovery community vendors, and many others to make COA's first ever recovery walk a very, very special day.

If you haven't already registered for the Walk, don't delay!  So far, more than 200 walkers & runners are registered.


Walk With the Angels will be held onSeptember 14, 2014 in Mercer County Park to will support continued scholarships for recovery. It will feature live music from Dana Isles & Facedown as well as Dirty Jerzee (formerly Soulfire), testimonials from recoverees, great food, vendors & more....

The goal is to raise $50,000 that will be used to send people to treatment for addiction and/or get them into sober living or medical care. So far, over 500 people have donated and almost $40,000 has been raised! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has helped make this event a success!

*COA is a service organization: all COA services are completely free of charge and everyone who works for COA is a volunteer. That means we can be completely objective and impartial, recommending the best options for our clients, based upon their individual situations. For help with a drug problem, call COA at 609-910-4942 or visit us online
Merchandise Donations Wanted!

Would you like to donate to a worthy cause but not able to give cash? City of Angels NJ, Inc. now accepts donations of merchandise!

We are looking for high-value items we can re-sell to fund our operations and provide treatment scholarships to individuals without other resources. 

So far, we've successfully sold exercise and sporting equipment, electronics, watches and more.....

If you have an item you would like to donate, please
Recovery Coach Training

Just in: dates for the final 2014 Recovery Coach training class. So far, COA has trained more than 70 recovery coaches, who are using their skills in their professional careers, service work (like at COA!), and personal lives. For details about COA's Recovery Coaches, click here.

This will be COA's 4th class, and will be held Sept. 27 to Oct. 3

For details about this class, or to register, click here If you are interested in this training, PLEASE REGISTER ASAP. There has been a lot of interest in this class, and we expect it to fill soon, especially since COA offers the class at a substantial discount to identical trainings from other organizations.
Let's Talk About Recovery!

With 10 original shows, COARR plays Recovery Talk 24/7/365....past shows are available online and in each show's online archive. 

Tune in thru the smartphone app (free in the iphone/droid stores) or on to hear what's playing now.....

COARR will be broadcasting LIVE from Walk with the Angels on September 14! Stop in to listen or go on air!



Coming this Saturday....a show dedicated to healing from childhood sexual abuse.

Lynn W. shares her powerful story, speaks with others who have been abused and have been affected by abuse, and begins the healing process. 

Tune in at To learn more about SFTP, click the image at right to watch a short video clip.
CJ Non Profit Stop Feeding the Predators
CJ Non Profit Stop Feeding the Predators
Listen to past COARR shows any time:

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