Monday, September 1, 2014

The Addict Lights of Hope is approaching quickly...On Monday September 1st at 9pm ESTaddict's mothers and family members of addict's will be lighting candles. The Flyer below explains what each candle represents. To learn more visit
If you are participating in the Addict's Mom Lights of Hope please post below where you are located, if it is a public event list all the details who what why where and when and o...f course what time!
Even if you are lighting candles alone or with a few friends at your home please post a few words
A white candle is for the sustained recovery of those who have found their way out. I am profoundly grateful I get to light a white candle, not just for my son Peter, but for the many people in recovery who have become such an important part of my life.
A Red Candle is for those who are still actively battling this horrific disease.
Black, or silver, is the candle we light to remember those who have lost the battle with addiction. I will be lighting one of these too, for the addicts I have known, loved, and lost to this hellish, unforgiving disease.
**TAM Blogger Barbara Stoefen wrote about what the green candle symbolizes...**.
"I wonder if there should also be another candle? A fourth candle for we moms? A candle for every mother who has loved an addict, chased after an addict, advocated for an addict, hoped for an addict, prayed for an addict, grieved for an addict."
I think I will choose the color green. Not only is green my favorite color, but it also represents life and rebirth. While I’m powerless over the lives represented by the red, white, and black candles, I do have some power over my own life and that is also worth honoring. I can choose life and recovery for myself."
If you are a TAM State Coordinator please share in your group, if you are a TAM member and you are comfortable please share on your page or in another group.

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