Wednesday, July 30, 2014

      The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.PRO-ACT
          Pennsylvania Recovery Organization --
     Achieving Community Together (PRO-ACT) 
Recovery in Our Communities
July 29, 2014
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Information and Recovery Support Line 24/7: 800-221-6333
"Never believe that a few caring people can't      change the world.  
  For, indeed, that's all who ever have."
  Margaret Mead
Believing In The Road To A Better Life  

Courtney Barnes works for The Council as a TASC Manager.  She helps clients who are involved with the criminal justice system and have a substance use disorder.   As Courtney explains, "I have recently been working with a young a critical learning point in his/her recovery process...The idea of staying sober is difficult...I help people understand that there is a realistic path to a better, more meaningful life, and then I help them walk the path they choose...The process of growing in understanding is all part of their journey..."

In life, obstacles are to be expected.  Read Courtney's Story on how she helps individuals overcome challenges and believe in a better life.  
Talk To Your Kids & Make A Huge Difference

Not surprisingly, parents are the most powerful influence in their child's life.  According to The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, "Parents have more influence over their child than friends, music, TV, the internet and celebrities."  But when it comes to talking to their kids about drugs and alcohol, many parents struggle because they fear the dreaded question, "Did you ever do drugs?"    

Stop avoiding the subject.  Read "How to Talk To Your Kids About Drugs If You've Done Drugs."    The fact that you've had experience may be an advantage. 

Be sure to visit The Council's website for resources on how to talk to your kids, including our  "Talk Kit For Parents."    
A Personal Call To Action 

Read Dr. Jana Burson's  practical summary of prevention research to learn how you can reduce addiction in your community.  This powerful article is a call to action for every spouse, parent, doctor, neighbor and friend.   Dr. Burson explains ways you can help to prevent the harm caused by addiction or substance abuse, intervene early and support your loved ones in recovery.  

Decide today to get involved and stay involved.  
Some Upcoming Events
Beating the Blues8-session, web-based program on how to get through the rough periods of anxiety, stress and depression.  At PRCC.  Call 215-223-7700 to register. 
Journaling for RecoveryTuesdays - 1:30pm:  Reflective writing as a process of self-discovery, change, and growth.   At SBRCC in Bristol.  Call 215-788-3738 x 100 to register.
Morning Devotions Mondays 10-11am:  Jump Start Your Morning! Faith-based guided devotions consisting of quiet time, prayer and readings from the Life Recovery Bible.  At CBRCC in Doylestown.  Call 215-345-6644 for details.
Aug. 20th: 
September 12, 20147:05 pm. Recovery Night at the Baseball Game, Phillies vs. Marlins, Citizens Bank Park. Click here for tickets. 
September 20, 2014PRO-ACT Recovery Walks! 2014, Great Plaza, Penn's Landing, Philadelphia. Click here to register and get more information.
Employment OpportunitiesPlease click here

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