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Lighthouse Network Welcomes
Barak Rush to Team

We at Lighthouse Network are extremely excited to welcome Barak Rush, MS, LPC, to our growing team. Barak brings a great balance of clinical and administrative experience and expertise to our team. Barak has a love for people, compassion for those who are struggling, and a zest for bringing the Bible and Jesus into each person’s healing and transformation process.

Barak has provided clinical services for many behavioral health issues over the years while specializing in addictions. More recently, he successfully started and ran Intensive Outpatient Addiction programs for Trinity Behavioral Health and then Rehab After Work, learning the administrative and marketing side of behavioral health as well as providing clinical counseling services.

To reach more people, Barak combined his keen problem-solving skills with his compassionate heart to deliver an array of case management services for Ceridian, a national EAP company. Barak fielded calls by people who were struggling, encouraged and infused hope, then used his knowledge of the system to find the best treatment option for the caller.

Most recently, Barak and his wife have developed two recovery Hope Houses to disciple in a more personal way those who are struggling.

Barak’s title will be Partner Network Coordinator, and his role at Lighthouse Network will be to oversee this very exciting and unique Partner Network of clinicians, pastors, ministry leaders and social service agencies. Lighthouse will share more information soon about this powerful resource and service Barak will oversee and how you can access it or become part of it.

Barak is well-suited for this position, given his clinical, administrative and case management experience, as Lighthouse Network is driven to expand our case management services as well as provide better support and engagement with those of you on the front lines of this spiritual battle.

Please join me in welcoming Barak to the Lighthouse Network team.

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Lighthouse Network's Dr. Karl Benzio:
Violent Crimes Often a Result of Addiction

PHILADELPHIA -- This summer has been especially violent for the city of Chicago.

In July alone, 26 people in Chicago have been murdered in the first half of the month; all but four victims were under the age of 30. Last month saw 36 homicides in Chicago; the youngest was just 15. Thus far in 2014, 1,080 people have been shot and wounded in the city, while 184 have been killed.

Dr. Karl Benzio, founder, executive director and a psychiatrist at Lighthouse Network (, an addiction and mental health counseling helpline, estimates that many of the homicides were very likely drug-related, with drug addiction often leading to violent crimes.

"We know that drug abuse and addiction have a definite correlation to violent behaviors such as rape, assault, arson, hate crimes, robberies, suicides and homicides," Benzio said. "Studies have shown that 17 percent of state prisoners and 18 percent of federal prisoners stated that drugs were somehow involved when they committed their offense. Approximately 60 percent of individuals arrested for most types of crimes test positive for illegal drugs at the time of arrest. And nearly 50 percent of jail and prison inmates are clinically addicted. Other facts tell us that about two-thirds of domestic violence offenders also struggle with substance abuse." 

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Hearing Hearts with Gloria Gay
"The Holics"
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Living Well
"Sarcasm for Kids"
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Dr. Karl Benzio in The Christian Post

Jesus' Purpose:
Start a Behavioral Health Revolution

This article's headline might sound like I am missing the theological mark, but I challenge you to read on, then form your opinion.
As a psychiatrist, I apply a BioPsychoSpiritual model to help people explore and understand how God designed them, how the design got broken and how to restore it for joyful and fulfilled living.
So first, a few definitions.
• Behavioral Health (BH) is a branch of medicine that focuses on the reciprocal relationship between a holistic view of human behavior and the well-being of the body as a whole entity. In other words, BH uses our external behaviors as a starting point to understand what's going on internally with the purpose of improving on the inside.
• A Revolution is an overthrow of one social order in favor of a new one.
• Psyche is Greek for the soul, spirit or core inner essence of a person.
When Jesus came, man was struggling. The human condition was in a desperate state, and people were overwhelmed and short on answers. Jesus started healing people in amazing numbers. He even sent his disciples out and empowered them to heal as well.

Truth For Women Mentor Training
September 27 | Bethlehem, PA
This event will train ladies who mentor other women who are struggling. They will be trained in counseling and in teaching decision-making skills using the SPEARS decision-making model.

Moments of Change 2014 Addictions Conference
September 29-October 2 | Palm Beach, FL
Dr. Karl Benzio, MD will present on "Addiction: Sin, Disease, or Psychological Defect?" as well as his SPEARS decision-making model, which is key to real biological-psychological-spiritual treatment by integrating science and faith. He encourages people to practically apply the Bible in daily living to truly renew the mind. 

Focus on the Family Physicians Resource Council
October 1-5 | Colorado Springs, CO
This is a meeting of Christian physicians who help guide and define Focus' position on various medical and psychiatric/psychological issues which affect individuals, families, society and public policy.

All Access ARC Conference
November 4-6 | Saddleback Church, Orange County, CA
Dr. Benzio will equip church leaders with his insights in decision-making and using science to glean transformational truths out of the Bible for practical growth and maximum fulfillment.

National Association of Christian Social Workers National Conference
November 6-9 | Annapolis, MD
Lighthouse Network's Dr. Karl Benzio will lead a workshop on how to be a shining light through godly decision-making skills as he teaches his unique bio-psycho-spiritual model which actually rewires your brain circuits, thus renewing your mind as Romans 12:1-2 clearly states.

Click here to view all events. 

Lighthouse Network Radio Feature:"Life Change with Dr. Karl

Lighthouse Network is sharing its newest, life-changing radio features with the purpose of bringing scientific expertise and Biblical principles together to examine some common daily struggles to help people successfully navigate life’s obstacles and enjoy fulfilled lives. Lighthouse Network's "Life Change with Dr. Karl" radio feature airs Monday through Friday on more than 425 radio stations nationwide.

Listen to "Life Change with Dr. Karl" from July 21: Key to Being Light in this World
Listen to "Life Change with Dr. Karl" from July 22: Be Strategic, Not Random
Listen to "Life Change with Dr. Karl" from July 23: Bible is the Best Instruction Manual
Listen to "Life Change with Dr. Karl" from July 24: Six Components to Every Decision
Listen to "Life Change with Dr. Karl" from July 25: Role of the Holy Spirit 
Click here to listen to “Life Change with Dr. Karl” archives or read transcripts.

Resources from Lighthouse Network


Cutting can be hard for parents of teens to understand. This DVD resource shares the causes and reasons young people cut and skills to help them handle the pressures they are facing. 
Addiction: Sin, Disease
or Personal Defect?

Theologians, clinicians, researchers and philosophers have argued for centuries whether science blends with religion, spirituality and faith. In this DVD, learn how God gave us science to validate the Bible’s accuracy.
Eyes That See
the Truth

How we look at our everyday situations determines our life. Learn how in this DVD.

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If you or someone you love needs help, call our FREE 24/7 Lighthouse Network addiction and counseling helpline, 1-844-LIFE-CHANGE (1-844-543-3242).
Lighthouse Network is a Christian-based, non-profit organization that offers an addiction and mental health counseling helpline providing treatment options and resources to equip people and organizations with the skills necessary to shine God's glory to the world, stand strong on a solid foundation in the storms of their own lives, and provide guidance and safety to others experiencing stormy times, thus impacting their lives, their families and the world.

Lighthouse Network offers help through two main service choices:
  • Lighthouse Life Change Helpline (1-844-LIFE-CHANGE, 1-844-543-3242), a 24-hour free, national crisis call center, where specialists (Care Guides) help callers understand and access customized treatment options.
  • Life Growth and self-help training resources for daily life, including online and DVD series and training events to help individuals achieve their potential.

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