Saturday, July 19, 2014


THE ADDICT’S MOM organization of over 20,000 members, who no longer suffer alone or in silence, is proud to announce another major accomplishment in our mission to “Share without Shame.” 

We have joined forces with the Global Recovery Community known as, IN THE ROOMS, whose worldwide membership includes over 307,208 people. Whether you are in recovery, seeking help from addiction, a family member or a friend, all you have to do is register online at to get exclusive free access to Daily Meditations, Speaker Tapes and Daily Online Videos of AA and NA meetings. 

In THE ADDICT’S MOM’s continuing efforts to reach out to families struggling with an addicted loved one, we are thrilled to be partnering with IN THE ROOMS by creating an online Addict’s Mom Fellowship and an Online Video Meeting everyThursday night at 7:00 p.m., on

Go to now and register today, so you will be ready to participate in our first Online Video Meeting sometime in August 2014.

About The Addict’s Mom

The Addict’s Mom reaches out to families dealing with addiction. We invite mothers and families of addicts to join us. The Addict’s Mom is a community where members can “Share Without Shame,” their daily struggles, their sorrows, and their victories with others who understand the impact of this devastating disease. 

Started in 2008, The Addict’s Mom has grown from one brave mother’s efforts to reach out to other mother’s walking in her pain filled over 20,000 today. We offer resources, groups, and referrals, but most importantly we offer hope and the knowledge that we are not alone in this fight to change perceptions and to save lives. 

The Addict’s Mom is currently registering for non-profit status and growing stronger daily. We will become a force behind change. Join our online community at Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social media sites.

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