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Baltimore, Maryland - September 27,2014 (Pending)

Fort Lauderdale, FL - RIR Music Festival - November 1, 2014
Darryl Strawberry Teams up with Former Catholic Priest to Battle Addiction 
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Darryl Strawberry Web Clip (HBO Sports)
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Darryl Strawberry Web Clip (HBO Sports)
Darryl Strawberry is a proud sponsor of Rockers In Recovery  

A retired baseball player and a former Catholic Priest walk into a rehab ...  Although this sounds like the beginning of a joke, to former addict and retired MLB player turned pastor, and former Catholic Priest turned addiction treatment executive John Picciano, addiction is no laughing matter. The two have teamed up to open a series of drug and alcohol recovery centers with locations in Orlando, St. Louis and Long Island.  READ MORE  
By Michael L. Dennis, Ph.D., Chestnut Health Systems Facts to know Ages 15-25 are t he third and final phase of brain development, with teens going from very concrete to abstract reasoning;  during this time their brain first expands it capacity to experience reward and pain (making them more susceptible to addiction), followed by better coordination,   Read More Click HERE  
The Stars of RIR All-Star Band Keep Shining By Carol Harblin
 RIR Musical Director Lou Esposito is excited and looking forward to singing his new song, "In Your Eyes," which he wrote this past April. The message in the song is near to his heart and very special. Addiction is like a lightning bolt, it can strike anywhere and hit anyone - it does not pick favorites, nor does it choose to befall on any specific economic class.  Read More Click HERE


Summertime Is Concert Time 
RIR is kicking off the concert tour season this June 27, 2014 in Aberdeen, Washington, where the RIR East Coast All-Stars, Current Musical Directors Lou Esposito (Joe Walsh) and Mark Bosch (Ian Hunter), are rockin' the west coast, in addition to Casey Montana Rogers making her grand debut.

RIR All-Star Band Rockin' The Philly Walk

PRO-ACT RECOVERY WALKS! 2014 RIR All-Star Band Rockin' The Philly Walk - PRO-ACT Building on our 12 previous years of hosting Recovery Walks! in Philadelphia, PRO-ACT is asking you to support our 13th annual Recovery Walk on September 20, 2014
 Report reveals millions of young adults use illicit substances every day
SAMHSA's data also reveals that, every day, thousands of young adults use illicit substances for the first time. This includes 2,470 first uses of marijuana, 1,754 first time non-medical uses of prescription pain relievers, 1,561 first uses
 of hallucinogens, 1,200 first uses of cocaine, 850 first uses of stimulants, 566 first uses of inhalants, 258 first uses of heroin, and 174 first uses of methamphetamine's. 
Read More Click HERE 


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