Thursday, July 17, 2014

Faith Worship Center of Schuylkill County, PA is starting the Hope Initiative this month. Please click the above link for more info.

It is a program designed to serve the community and educate those affected by addictions and to support the families of those addicted.

The program will bring together local resources such as counselors, local/state/federal government agencies, financial resources, etc. and provide non-profit help and guidance.

This program has already sparked the interest of local TV, radio, and newspapers as well as a church in West Virginia that contacted Faith for more info.

The goal is to design a program that can be a model for other churches and organizations to offer help for the hurting in every community.

Instead of offering ridicule, lets help those in need.
The Hope Initiative is a new ministry of Faith Church. We noticed a need in our community and we are responding to it. Please join us to learn more information, help us or get help.

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