Friday, March 14, 2014

The Addict’s Mom is moving forward, on our mission to “Transform the perceptions of addicts and their families, saving the lives and futures of those who matter most . . . the children.” 
But there are so many hurting moms we haven’t reached yet.  So many mothers who don’t know there is a place they can share without shame.  A place of support, where they won’t be alone and they can find hope, comfort and acceptance from other mothers going through the same experiences.  This is still the main purpose of The Addict’s Mom and I will never give up hoping to reach that mom, that addict’s mom who was and is me.
The Addict’s Mom is thrilled to announce chapter groups. Join with members from your state to take action and make a difference today. These are closed groups where you can share your story, make new contacts, gain awareness and reach out to others who have a loved one suffering from a substance abuse disorder or co-occurring mental illness.
To locate the Addict’s Mom chapter group in Florida visit  
To locate another state use
For the Addicts Mom main site visit

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