Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting to Rehab
RIDGWAY, ELK COUNTY PA - Drugs are something police everywhere have to deal with almost everyday.

"When I first moved here, there wasn't any. We didn't have that. I raised my kids here and it's gotten worse since then" said Ridgway resident Ketta Melzer.

"There is a real problem in this county of drug and alcohol use and abuse" added Salvation Army Lt. Esther Wilson.

She says the Ridway Salvation Army is now offering transportation to those seeking rehabilitation at one of their facilities throughout the country. The Salvation Army has over 150 and serves tens thousands of people each year.

" It is a 6 month program. It is in house. You get your rooming, your board and everything provided for you and it's no cost" she said.

The Salvation Army says since the transportation program began about a month ago they've already had someone, who was near overdosing, go to rehab.

"I believe in it. Threes a lot of good success cases that come out of it" said Wilson.

To get information on the program you can call (814)772-0485. They will give you the numbers you need to call to see if their is space for you at a center and then, they will help you get there and get clean.

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