Monday, March 17, 2014

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Would you be willing to help another Addict’s Mom?

Here is how:

Visit “The Addict’s Mom Steps of Hope” event page by clicking on the link
Invite your friends to the TAM’s Addict’s Mom Steps of Hope Rally.

There is an invite and a share button right on the event page.

We ask for your help because we know that we need your help in order to be successful in our efforts to change the face of addiction.

With your help there is a greater chance another mom will discover our group, join in our rally, another mom who may not know TAM is here yet. She will find us and see she is not alone, just like you and I she will find so much love and support in our TAM family; she too will be a Tam sister.

With your help the Addict’s Mom Steps of Hope Rally will be well attended

Our VOICES WILL BE HEARD. They must be heard. We are the mothers of addict’s your story is my story and we cannot be silenced we must rally together to save the lives of those who matter most ...the children.

By liking and sharing our event page you will help spread awareness of the epidemic of addiction in this nation. An epidemic that has touched 23.5 million Americans.

***Special Note the Addict's Mom now has chapters in every state, find yours***

Yourstate: TAM followed by your state (see above)

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